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These are all the drawings and fanfictions I've done over the years.



SXG - Amethyst by ViperNicole92
SXG - Amethyst

AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 110 cm. (3’8”)
WEIGHT: Secret
BODY COLOR: Pink/tan
FAMILY: Knuckles the Echidna (father); Rouge the Bat (mother); Claws the Echidna (younger brother); Ruby the Echidna (youngest sister)
SKILL(S): Flight; armed combat; treasure hunting; swimming; modeling
ATTACKS/MOVES: Spin Jump; Screw Kick; Drill Drive; Tornado Punch; Charm Wave
BIRTHPLACE: Angel Island
QUOTE: “I’ve been a spy for years, so I happen to have as much skill as mom.
DESCRIPTION: A spy-in-training for Guardian Unit of Nations (G.U.N) and expert treasure hunter, Amethyst is a worthy partner for anyone with help in need, including those in the future Sonic Team. Known for her sassy and flirtatious personality, she can manipulate any male opponent for her own advantage, with an exception of Gust with whom she shows great annoyance towards. She can be as spoiled as she is beautiful, but she also has a big heart and is able to stand up for her friends and family. Whenever she gets a break from G.U.N. and treasure hunting, she would continue her job in her current place of residence- Night Babylon- as a fashion model.

·    Amethyst loves her father greatly and enjoys spending time with him, despite having different interests. She also looks up to her mother, to the point where she succeeded in her path as a GUN spy-in-training.
   ·    Amethyst has a healthy sibling bond with Claws. She enjoys playfully teasing her “cute little bro” when given the chance.
   ·    Ruby is a stubborn one to bond with, due to certain differences. However, Amethyst still cares about her little sister.
   ·    May is one of Amethyst’s good friends. The bat would play dress-up with the hedgehog when available.
   ·    Like their parents in the past, Amethyst was best friends with Spear before the black hedgehog’s disappearance. She would even ask her mother for him as time goes on.
   ·    Gust was just another racer to Amethyst until she got to know him. After that, she holds contempt to the swallow due to his pretentious nature and bullying others including Sky.
   ·    Despite being in completely different worlds, Amethyst feels a special connection with Team Night member Ken. She would also get flustered from the vampire bat’s advances.

SXG - Ruby by ViperNicole92
SXG - Ruby

AGE: 14
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Echidna
HEIGHT: 103 cm. (3’4”)
WEIGHT: Secret
BODY COLOR: Ruby red
FAMILY: Knuckles the Echidna (father); Rouge the Bat (mother); Claws the Echidna (older brother); Amethyst the Bat (oldest sister)
SKILL(S): Basic Combat; gliding; swimming; treasure hunting
ATTACKS/MOVES: Spin Attack; Kick Attack; Spin Dash; Hammer Punch; Fire Dunk
BIRTHPLACE: Angel Island
QUOTE: “It’s not fair that dad chose you as guardian over me!
DESCRIPTION: Ruby is a treasure hunter and would-be Guardian of the Master Emerald. Ruby behaves like both her parents in many ways when it involves getting into clashes with someone who gets on her last nerve: a dual package of toughness and cheekiness. She is highly headstrong when it comes to taking orders from anyone above her, something she gets from her father. She may tend to get nervous when accompanied by her childhood soul mate, Dash. Like her older brother, she wants to do her part as guardian of the Master Emerald; however, there may even be times when envy gets the best of her, thus creating a severe sibling rivalry between them. Deep down, though, she can be respectful and supportive to him at the same time… even though she refuses to show it.

   ·    Ruby gets along with both her mother and father, as she’s learned as much from them as her siblings did.
   ·    Ruby is very jealous of Claws’ promotion as guardian of the Master Emerald, to the point where she will literally beat him to it. However, she still respects her older brother to an extent.
   ·    Amethyst is the center of envy and annoyance to Ruby, due to the batgirl having certain qualities. Regardless of their differences, Ruby still loves her sister.
   ·    Dash has been Ruby’s significant other since childhood, and she isn’t shy to admit it to anyone.
   ·    May is a good friend of Ruby’s. At times, they would spend time training each other’s fighting skills.
   ·    Even though she hardly communicates with him, Ruby still sees Sky as a close friend and will always back him up.
   ·    Cocoa is another good friend to Ruby, even though she at times can be faintly impatient with the rabbit.
   ·    Similar to May, Reelika is a worthy fighting partner for Ruby. Also, they have common interests, much like their brothers.

SXG - Claws by ViperNicole92
SXG - Claws

AGE: 16
SPECIES: Echidna
HEIGHT: 110 cm. (3’7”)
WEIGHT: 39 kg. (87 lb.)
BODY COLOR: Light red/white
EYE COLOR: Glaucous
FAMILY: Knuckles the Echidna (father); Rouge the Bat (mother); Ruby the Echidna (younger sister); Amethyst the Bat (older sister)
SKILL(S): Superhuman strength; gliding; basic combat; swimming; treasure hunting; advanced instincts
ATTACKS/MOVES: Spin Attack; Drill Claw; Spin Dash; Spiral Upper; Quake Punch
WEAPON(S): Shovel Claws
BIRTHPLACE: Angel Island
QUOTE: “As guardian of the Master Emerald, it is my duty to protect it from any intruder.
DESCRIPTION: Claws is a highly skilled treasure hunter and guardian of the Master Emerald. He is as much of a fierce fighter as his entire family; the main exception of this is his “advanced instincts”, which are put to use during fierce combat. Being determined and hot-tempered, he’ll tend to be blinded in fury and won’t stop until his opponents are beaten to shame, though he will maintain a calm presence most of the time. Throughout his childhood, he was given a pair of Shovel Claws from his own father and, as a result, follows his footsteps to become treasure hunter and guardian of the Master Emerald. He’s even as gullible and stubborn as him in every way; he’s also extremely timid around girls around his age, including a certain lioness. Currently, he is continuing his duties with his father to keep the Master Emerald as safe and secure as possible.

    ·    Claws has a strong bond with his father Knuckles. Like Dash, he trains with him except in martial arts. He also gets along with his mother Rouge and learns from her as well.
    ·    Claws and Ruby have an intense sibling rivalry, the latter being envious of the former’s promotion as M.E. Guardian. There are rare times, however, when they would actually connect.
    ·    Besides his rivalry with Ruby, Claws gets along well with his older sister Amethyst. He tends to be shy with her, though not at the same level as with other girls.
    ·    Dash and Claws are friendly rivals, much like their dads. The main difference is that they do more taunting than fist fighting.
    ·    Sky is another good friend of Claws’, as he would always support the young fox when needed.
    ·    Much like his father, Claws has a rivalry with Storm’s son Tempest. Basically, they will engage in competition of strength.
    ·    When not training with his father, Claws does so with Lance. They have a lot in common in terms of martial arts and are more open with each other.
    ·    Claws is attracted to Reelika since childhood, and becomes a flustered mess around her.

SXG - Shadow by ViperNicole92
SXG - Shadow
Here's the "Ultimate Lifeform" - Shadow the Hedgehog, as he appears in my fanfic series: Sonic X-Generation.
There's little change on him other than a couple additions:

-Longer spines
-Scars on right muzzle and left torso
-Hover shoes have slight design change

Shadow the Hedgehog belongs to (c)SEGA
Sonic X-Generation
Rating: T
Genre: Action/Adventure; Comedy; Drama

Episode 7: Song of Sorrow

It was a moonless midnight around the thick forest of the Mystic Ruins, which was surrounded by sheets of fog. Due to the lack of moonlight, the forest was completely overwhelmed in pitch-black darkness. Every part of the city was surrounded in peculiar silence, though only for a moment.

From a distance came a single male vocalizing, filling the once empty silence. It was quite a melody: one that is filled with melancholy, but still so pleasant enough to hear. The serenade came from atop of one of the tall mountains; there stood what appeared to be a figure. Although the said figure was obscured in darkness, it was easy to notice a group of angular spikes protruding from the head, similar to those of a certain black hedgehog. After finishing his melody, for a moment, the figure vanished in what appeared to be neon green light.

The Sonic Team was travelling via the Tornado 3 to the Wood Zone, a forest-based location set around a continent called Westside Island.

-SKY: “We’re approximately two miles from the Wood Zone.
-DASH: “Cool! The sooner we get there, the quicker we can kick some Robo-butt!”
-MAY: [snarky] “Is there anything that doesn’t pump you up??”
-DASH: [joking] “Do boring science stuff count?”
-RUBY: [teasing] “She was just joking, Dash!”
-DASH: [laughs] “I know that!”

Throughout the conversation, May was able to hear Cocoa humming a tune.

-MAY: “Hey Cocoa, what is that you’re humming there?”
-COCOA: “Huh?” [realizing what May meant] “Oh! It’s a song Sky and I heard last night. It was very nice…”
-MAY: “(That rhythm…) Wait… I think I heard it too!”
-CLAWS: “Ruby and I heard it as well.”
-RUBY: [nodding]
-COCOA: [gasps] “You guys heard it, too?!”
-DASH: Hey guys? Less music sharing, more world saving!”

The group has made it to their destination. Here stood only an endless group of trees, all of them tall enough to reach sky level. Even with this, the blue sky can still be easily seen. Upon landing, they took a moment to take in all the nature that was around them.

-DASH: [observing the location in satisfaction, arms behind his head] “So this is the Wood Zone, huh?”
-SKY: [looking into his radar] “Yeah, it says so in the radar. It looks bigger than I though it would be…” [grows nervous] “A lot b-bigger…”
-COCOA: [comforts Sky while looking around in wonder] “I don’t understand why Eggman would want to destroy this forest.”
-MAY: [happy with the nature] “I know, right?? This place is so pretty!”
-CLAWS: [in awe] “Peaceful, even.”

While having a moment of gazing at their surroundings (with the exception of Sky), a certain ruby red echidna decided to intervene.

-RUBY: [growing impatient, both hands on hips] “As nice as this place is, I believe we have a mission to do??”
-DASH: “Oh, right…” [chuckling in embarrassment]
-CLAWS: [mumbling to himself] “(At least take a break for once…)”

Though the whole team was finally focused, they heard sudden crackling noises from a distance. Sky, Cocoa and Macaroni flew up to the sky to see where said noises came from. What they spotted was some trees tumbling down.

-SKY: [calling to the team, astonished] “It looks like there’s upcoming damage far away!”
-MACARONI: [scared] “Chao!”

This caused the Sonic Team to come together, with Dash taking the lead.

-DASH: “Alright guys, let’s get to it!”

The heroes then race towards the area of concern, leaving the Tornado 3 in safe hiding. Unbeknownst to them, the same figure from Westopolis was following them, jumping from one tree to another in great velocity.

After, the Sonic Team stopped on a distant hill and met an awful sight: there was an open area with a great number of trees being either cut down or crushed by none other than a group of Eggman’s Badniks: Buzz Bombers and Eggrobos (the latter now in sturdy masses); there were two versions of the latter – ones armed with flamethrowers, the others with buzz saws.

-RUBY: [shocked] “By Chaos and Gaia…”
-COCOA: [flabbergasted, tears starting to shed] “They’re ruining the poor forest!”
-DASH: “Not if we can help it! C’mon guys!” [somersaulted down the hill]

The Sonic Team soon reached the area and a battle has ensued. Dash and May started with a Homing Attack on the Buzz Bombers, the latter using her Piko Piko II. Sky shot out his technique called “Thunder Shoot” at the Saw Eggrobos through his personal arm cannon, while Cocoa attempted to blow out the remaining flames with her ears. Meanwhile, Claws and Ruby aim their own punches (and kicks from the latter) at the Flame Eggrobos. The young fighters seem to be on the winning side…

Then, out of nowhere, more of Eggman’s Badniks – this time, the Egg Pawns and extra Buzz Bombers – jumped from every corner of the forest. Every one of them surrounded the heroes, but that didn’t dissuade them. They each attempted to beat some of them; but as much as the group could, more Egg Pawns continued to gather around them.

-CLAWS: [frustrated] “There’s too many of them!”
-DASH: “You don’t say!”

Just as the Sonic Team was beginning to be overwhelmed, a blitz of neon green arrows suddenly shot over the heroes and hit all of the Egg Pawns at once. Soon after, a figure burst out from some of the spared trees and struck the Buzz Bombers with a Homing Attack. After that, the figure made a perfect landing in front of the young heroes.

This individual turned out to be a very familiar face: a male hedgehog with jet black and pale blue fur and vibrant orange eyes. He even has bangs on his forehead and white chest fur. His attire consisted of an open purple vest, blue rings around purple cuffs with neon green beams, white gloves with black fingers, and black and white boots with purple and blue accents with the same neon green beams.

-THE SONIC TEAM: [stunned] “Spear??”

The hedgehog turned to the Sonic Team, a faint yet gentle smile on his face.

-SPEAR: “It has been awhile, guys.”

From that moment, Dash regained his composure and had a smile on his face. The others walked closer as well, though still in utter surprise.

-DASH: “Haha, Spear! Dude, it really has been!” [gives Spear a fist pump]

Dash suddenly got shoved aside by May, who is apparently more elated than her friends and brother.

-MAY: [eyes gleaming] “You’re finally back! I, I mean, we missed you.”
-SPEAR: [smiling at May courteously] “Hmm…”

Cocoa wrapped her arms around Spear’s torso, while Macaroni rubbed against the black hedgehog’s cheek. The latter action leaves Spear in a flustered state.

-COCOA: “We’re so happy to see you again, mister Spear!”
-MACARONI: [purring] “Chaooo!”
-SKY: [approaches Spear shyly]
-DASH: “Okay, guys?”
-RUBY: [places her hand on Spear’s shoulder] “I have to agree, it’s been years.”
-CLAWS: [smiling casually] “I agree. We have a lot of catching up to do.”
-DASH: [yelling] “Guys!”

This got the whole group’s attention, along with Spear’s.

-DASH: “I think we should go easy on the questions to the guy??”

After getting Spear overwhelmed with numerous questions, the Sonic Team decided to back off and allow the black hedgehog to explain his story.

-SPEAR: “…SoI followed you guys through this part of the zone and then I saw a battle going on, so I decided to volunteer.”
-MAY: [fully focused on Spear] “Wow… It’s a good thing you came, too.”
-CLAWS: “Our mom’s also been thinking about you and Mr. Shadow. It has been awhile, you know…”
-SPEAR: [looks away with a humbled look, sighing] “I know… I’m sorry about that…”
-CLAWS: “It’s alright.”
-DASH: “Speaking of which, what are you doing all the way here? Weren’t you supposed to be with your dad in Central City?”
-SPEAR: [remained silent for a moment, then finally spoke] “Well, I figured it would be unhealthy for me to live a… ‘sheltered’ lifestyle. Besides that, living with my father isn’t as easy as before…”
-SKY: [curious] “Why would you say that?”
-SPEAR: [realizes what he said, becomes unusually jittery] “Y-you see, I-I-um…”

This kind of response brought the Sonic Team in great concern. In a matter of seconds, Spear sped away from the Sonic Team, much to their shock.

-MAY: “Spear?!” [held back by Dash]
-DASH: “You guys stay here, I’ll get him.”

Dash soon gave chase. He followed the exact path Spear took and fastened his pace. He shortly caught up to Spear, only to find that the black hedgehog has a trick up his sleeve. A neon green aura started surrounding the black hedgehog and he suddenly teleported to a farther distance from his pursuer. He repeated the technique several times. That proved to be futile, however, as Dash only fastened his pace even more. As the navy blue hedgehog got closer, he jumped at Spear and held him down on the ground.

-SPEAR: “Let me go!”
-DASH: “Not until you cool down!”

Spear did exactly what was requested and loosened up enough for Dash to release him. The black hedgehog sat on the same spot, looking down. Dash managed to break the silence.

-DASH: “C’mon man, walk with me.” [holds out a hand] “Talk with me.”
-SPEAR: [feeling unsure] “…Okay.”

The hedgehogs started walking across the grassy hills, while continuing the conversation.

-DASH: “Listen Spear, if that little scene back there has to do what I think it does, spill it.”
-SPEAR: [looks down, deadpanned] “It does, actually…”
-DASH: “It’s been five years. It couldn’t have gotten to the both of you that badly…” [becomes dubious] “…Could it?”
-SPEAR: “It shouldn’t have, but it did to my father – in the worst way…” [sits under a nearby tree, looking down at the grass] “My mother had been with. She was the light in his life, a second chance to a better future. All of that changed on that day…”

In the main auditorium, there was a special performance that took place. The performance was being presented by none other than Shadow’s wife and Spear’s mother: her name was Aria, and she’s a powder blue hedgehog with the same orange eyes as her son’s. She had long curly spines and sported a white She stood on the center of the stage delivering a spellbinding line of musical notes. In the audience stood Spagonia’s citizens and the main Sonic team along with their families, with Shadow the Hedgehog and Spear in front of them.

What they didn’t realize, however, was what has yet to occur.

Through a high note, there was a slight cough from Aria. But she managed to shrug it off and continue. It did not last, unfortunately, as she started coughing once more. Only this time was much worse. This brought out concern and confusion from the audience, the former coming from Shadow and company. Before anyone can react, however, an excessive amount of blood started spurting out of Aria’s mouth as she coughed even more. Soon after, she grew disoriented and fainted. The audience shortly reacted in horror.

-SHADOW: “Aria!?”

He made his way through the audience and onto the stage. He wrapped his arms around Aria’s limp body, holding her close to his. Spear ran towards his parents, only to be held back by both Sonic and Tails.

-SPEAR: “Mom!” [crying] “What happened to her, dad!?”

Overcome with certain emotions, Shadow was unable to answer his son. While being comforted by his friend Rouge, he continued to hold onto his dying wife while whispering through tears.

-SHADOW: [whimpering] “Please be okay, songbird… Don’t leave me…”

Aria was eventually taken to the local hospital… where she was pronounced dead. The news left everyone with shock, but not even they would compare to Shadow. The black hedgehog took his wife’s death the hardest, so much that he wreaked havoc in the hospital while both Sonic and the doctors attempt to hold him down. All of this happened while the young Spear was crying for his mother’s loss.

-SPEAR: [VO] “Her passing not only broke his heart, but what was left of his world. As a result, he shut all of his friends out – even me…”

It was hours after the funeral, and while everyone who attended went back to their regular lives, those of Shadow and Spear had begun to take a turn for the worst.

Back in their home around Central City, Spear quietly walked into the living room where he found his father sitting on the couch, gazing at nothingness.

-SPEAR: “Father?” [approaches Shadow slowly, nervous] “Do you want to d-do something?”

Shadow took a quick look at his son and turned back.

-SHADOW: “…There is nothing to say or do. Now go.”
-SPEAR: “B-but I want to-”
-SHADOW: [yelling at Spear] “I SAID GO!!

Immediately, Spear ran back to his room and locked the door. There he spent the rest of the day lying on his bed, sobbing.


-SPEAR: [solemnly looks straight at the clear sky] “My dad has been more distant than usual since then. It had gotten worse to the point where he even had to be let go by GUN due to random fits of rage. There were also times when he would hardly acknowledge my existence, even referred to me as ‘second-rate.’ After years of being neglected, I finally had enough – I ran away from home and lived the past five years as a traveler. I spent that time improving my Chaos energy, in hopes of being at an equal level as my father. Maybe better.” [lets a neon green aura forms around his hand, then evaporates it]
-DASH: [shocked] “Wow… I knew things were tense from there, but I didn’t think it would be that bad.” [crouches to Spear’s level, places his hand on shoulder] “I can understand the part where you’re tired of dealing with problems from your dad, but running from them will not do you some good.”
-SPEAR: “……”
-DASH: [continues] “Also, you can’t let the past get the best of you. While you are strong on the outside, you’ll always get weak on the inside – because of your folks. What I’m trying to say is: Just keep moving forward. See the bright side of life. Whatever happens, things will work out for you. And your old man.”
-SPEAR: [gets up and faces Dash] “You think so?”
-DASH: [smirks while giving a thumbs up] “Dude, I know so!”
-SPEAR: [smiles brightly]

A sudden explosion came from a distance, drawing their focus. Just a moment after, the rest of the Sonic Team caught up to the two male hedgehogs.

-RUBY: “Did you guys hear that!?”
-DASH: “Yeah. Let’s check it out!”

The Sonic Team rushed towards where the explosion took place. However, Dash stopped as he took notice of Spear standing frozen and wide-eyed from what he witnessed. He immediately went back and grabbed the black hedgehog’s wrist.

-DASH: “You too, man!”

They caught up with the group and made their way to the location. As they made it, they met up with more Buzz Bombers and Egg Pawns. The egg-shaped scientist soon revealed himself over them, using his Egg Mobile.

-DR.EGGMAN: “Well, well, you have finally arrived! I was wondering what was taking you all so long!” [turns his focus on Spear] “Ahh, and this must be the ‘second-rate life form’ himself!”
-SPEAR: [scowling] “And you must be Doctor Eggman.”
-MAY: “What are you doing with the Wood Zone, Eggface!?”
-DR. EGGMAN: “In case you haven’t noticed (which you should by now), I am making renovations for this very forest in order to build a sector of my future empire, since my base in Night Babylon was blown to smithereens the other day.” [scowling at the group]
-COCOA: [appalled] “So you’re destroying this forest? Just for your own personal gain??”
-DR. EGGMAN: “‘Personal gain’? I prefer to call it ‘beneficial elimination.’” [grinning maliciously]
-DASH: “No way we’re letting that happen! Let’s go guys!”

The Sonic Team jumped into action.

-DR. EGGMAN: “Egg Pawns, Buzz Bombers – ATTACK!!”

Eggman’s robots did as their creator commanded. The Sonic Team, as expected, began taking down every Eggrobos and Buzz Bombers in no time. While this was happening, Eggman turned his focus on Spear. The scientist hovered towards the black hedgehog after he took out some of the Buzz Bombers via Homing Attack.

-SPEAR: “You have a lot of nerve to return, after all these years.”
-DR.EGGMAN: “Well, I can be full of surprises most of the time. No matter, we have some catching up to do! Firstly, how’s life with your ‘Ultimate Life Form’ of a father?”
-SPEAR: [looks down, frowning] “……”
-DR. EGGMAN: [mock sympathy] “Hmmm, that’s quite a shame. But look at it this way! At least Shadow won’t have to put up with his pitiful excuse for a spawn.”
-SPEAR: “!”
-DR. EGGMAN: “Don’t pretend you’re surprised. You couldn’t do anything to prove yourself, not even save your mother. And in the end, your own father wanted nothing to do with you! I know it hurts, but you might as well give in, because no matter where you run, the truth will always haunt your inner conscious. I guess being ‘second-rate’ isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, is it?”

After the last of that insult, Eggman received an unexpected response: neon green aura started forming around Spear’s body and in his eyes. This also grabbed the attention of the Sonic Team. The scientist took notice of this as well. In rage, Spear then gave out a loud and shrill scream that is strong enough to release sound waves at Eggman; the force of the waves was great enough to throw the scientist off his Egg Mobile.

The black hedgehog wasn’t done, however. He teleported from his original position and reappeared in front of the Sonic Team. The same aura formed around him once more, only this time he destroyed each and every one of Eggman’s robots with his Chaos Spear. This course of action left the Sonic Team in utter shock. Soon after, Spear grabbed a damaged arm of an Eggrobo and threw it at Eggman.


Eggman narrowly dodged the robotic part and hopped back into his Egg Mobile.

-DR. EGGMAN: [perplexed] “Such energy…”

Eggman then rode off, not turning back. Spear took note of this and began to give chase, only to be held back by Dash and the others.

-CLAWS: [holding Spear in an arm grip] “Don’t even think about it!”
-COCOA: [worried] “Please calm down, Spear!”
-DASH: “Spear, remember what I told you earlier! Let it go!!”

At that moment, the neon green aura faded from Spear’s body. The black hedgehog then stood and held his head firmly, trying to comprehend what just happened.

After that moment of tension, the heroes spent the remainder of their time cleaning up the charred mess from the Wood Zone. It was close to sunset once they completed the task.

-DASH: “Woo! Finally we can catch a break!”
-CLAWS: [proud] “Looks like we did a good job.”
-SKY: “Yeah!”
-MACARONI: “Chao, chao!”
-MAY: [concerned] “Hey, have you guys seen Spear?”
-RUBY: “He’s over there.”

Everyone found Spear carrying some wood, a solemn look on his face. Dash walked up to him.

-DASH: “Hey Spear, are you alright?”
-SPEAR: “I think so, but I’m not as certain. What occurred hours ago showed that I have a lot more self-training to take care of.”

May immediately got in-between the male hedgehogs.

-MAY: “We can help you with that!” [quickly looks down, blushing] “I mean, I-if you want to…”
-SKY: [agreeing] “Yeah, plus you can revisit everyone else along the way.”

The rest of the team agreed with the suggestion.

-SPEAR: [smiling softly] “I appreciate your offer, guys. Really.” [looks down] “But I’m afraid this is something only I can deal with.”

This answer brought dismay from the others, but at the same time understanding.

-CLAWS: “I guess we can understand.”
-RUBY: “Yeah…”
-COCOA: “We’ll miss you, Spear…”
-MAY: [crossing her arms] “……”
-DASH: “Whatever helps you, we’ll support it.” [holds out his hand] “Also, thanks for helping us fight off Egghead.”
-SPEAR: [shakes head, grabbing Dash’s hand] “I should be the one to thank you, Dash. If it weren’t for that talk we had, I would still be feeling as I did years ago.”
-DASH: “No problem dude, always ready to help a friend.” [gives a ‘thumbs-up’ once more]

After releasing Dash’s hand, Spear turned to the rest of the Sonic Team, showing the brightest smile he had rarely shown in years.

-SPEAR: “I hope to see you all again, guys. Tell your folks I said ‘hello’.”

Spear then stepped to a good distance, and in seconds disappeared in a flash.

-SKY: “I sure hope things go well for him in the future.”
-DASH: “I hope so too, Sky. And I guess we should get out of here, too.”

The Sonic Team began walking to where the Tornado 3 is left. Along the way, Cocoa began to notice a certain red-violet hedgehog feeling down.

-COCOA: “May, are you okay?”
-MAY: “Huh? O-o-oh, yeah! I-I’m fine! Very fine!” [quickens her pace]
-DASH: “Suuuure you are!”
-MAY: [gritting her teeth while blushing] “I’m. VERY. FINE.”

Deep in a distant rainforest, a familiar black hedgehog with crimson streaks sensed a high amount of certain energy, one that is closely related to his.

-???: “This energy... I must be close to him by now.”

The hedgehog sped through the forest, heading to where the Mobian of interest once stood.

Sonic X-Generation: Episode 7
It's been a while since on this fanfic, but I have finally been able to complete the next part. :w00t!:
Next part is currently in progress.


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Hi, I'm ViperNicole92, also known as my real name Nicole. Let me tell you guys about myself.

First off, I am known to be a quiet girl back at high school, and I may be shy most of the time. However, I tend to open up to people who appear to tolerate me for the person I am, and I can be a little bit more social than in my old days. I've had a passion for drawing and painting since I was young, and I would like to become an artist after graduating from college. :)

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative Rock, and Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Acrylic, watercolor, and digital
MP3 player of choice: IPhone 5
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Peter Griffin
As you may have seen, I have submitted pictures of Viperine the Porcupine, Sapphire the Arctic Wolf, and Aurelia the Lion this past month or two. During the progress of said pictures, I have been thinking: "How did these three characters become who they are?" "What happened to them in the past?" "What brought them together as a team?" :?

Well, I am planning to answer my own questions with an origins story. You've read correctly. :nod: I am currently making another fanfic series called "Team Force Origins," which will tell about the past lives of the members of Team Force. But instead of making just one jumbled-up story, I am making four divisions - based on the characters/stories of focus. For example, the first story simply be titled "VIPERINE", second is "SAPPHIRE", "AURELIA" is third, and lastly is "A FRESH START." Each of the stories will have a total of seven chapters, including a prologue and epilogue.

On a side note, this series will count as a "soft reboot," so anything I've put on them in the past will be changed. Whether those changes will be major or minor will yet be seen.

In the meantime, the prologue of the "VIPERINE" division is in progress but will be submitted as soon as it's complete. So, that's it. :meow:

*EDIT: Instead of making four divisions for "Team Force Origins," I have decided to make one story explaining the pasts and formation of Team Force. The whole story will also a total of eleven chapters. That way, I won't have to focus It's still going to be a soft reboot, so not much will change.

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Hi Viper! Thank you for all the favs! I'm not on DA much nowadays...But I thought I'd stop by and say thanks anyway. =D
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You're welcome, I understand. :)
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Thanks for the favs Viper! 8D
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You're welcome! :) Sorry for the late reply...
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Just to make clear: Mariachimon consist of Ludicolo and Maracti.
Right. Now that that's settled:

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*Mariachimon disappear into the ether*

In case that song made no sense whatsoever, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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Thank you! :aww: I'm sorry for the late reply... 
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It's cool.
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