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SXG - Knuckles by ViperNicole92
SXG - Knuckles
This is Knuckles the Echidna as he appears in my fanfic series "Sonic X-Generation."

Here is a detailed list of his attire:
-Tan hat with yellow and blue 
-White gloves with gray cuffs and steel pointed knuckles
-Bright green cuffs
-Red and yellow shoes with gray sextuple-bolted plates on top

Knuckles the Echidna belongs to (c)SEGA
Art belongs to me
Sonic X-Generation
Rating: T
Genre: Action/Adventure; Comedy; Drama

Episode 6: Underground Hazards

After being given the destination of another one of Dr. Eggman’s bases, Sky and Dash returned to the Mystic Ruins for more information. As they were there, Sonic was in the lab with May alongside him; Cocoa and Macaroni also made it to the laboratory – but not without her mother’s permission, and so did Claws and Ruby.

-TAILS: “While you were in Central City, we have detected the second Chaos Emerald, hidden somewhere in one of Eggman’s secret bases just under the streets of Night Babylon. However, Eggman is somehow blocking out the scanning from the laboratory’s main computer system – thus making the Emerald’s status unreadable.”
-DASH: [shocked] “What?!”
-CLAWS: “How can that be possible??”
-MAY: “If Eggman blocked the emerald’s signal, then how are we supposed to find it?!”
-SONIC: [gently puts a hand on his daughter’s shoulder] “That is why you guys are here.”
-TAILS: “You are to travel to Night Babylon via the Tornado 3 and find assistance from Amethyst the Bat. Knowing her ability to sense the location of the Chaos Emeralds, we believe she could be a great aspect for the mission.” [gives the radar to Sky] “I have already set it to where it will scan the location of the Chaos Emerald. If you are unable to detect it, that’s where you will need Amethyst.”
-DASH: [nods] “Right. You can count on us!”

The Sonic Team was already traveling via the Tornado 3. Sky piloted the Tornado 3 with Cocoa and Macaroni sitting on the passenger’s seat; Dash stood on the bi-plane’s left wing, with May on the right; and both Claws and Ruby glide. The radar is placed on the Tornado 3, receiving little to no signal of the Chaos Emerald.

-DASH: “You got any trace of Egghead’s whereabouts and the emerald yet, Sky?”
-SKY: [looking into the radar, finding no results] “Not yet. Wherever the current location of Eggman and the Chaos Emerald is, it’s got to be secretive.”
-MAY: “That chubby jerk must be afraid to lose that emerald to us.”
-DASH: [laughing] “I’ll bet.”
-CLAWS: [serious] “Still, we have to be careful. We’ll never know what Eggman has planned.”
-RUBY: “Which is why we were told by mom and dad to make contact with Amethyst.” [crossing her arms] “Though I don’t see why we should, since we can do this ourselves…”
-CLAWS: “Because Amethyst is also GUN’s spy, she may know more about secrets like wherever Eggman may be. Plus, she is able to sense the Chaos Emeralds.”
-RUBY: [getting annoyed] “And you think I don’t know that??”
-COCOA: “You guys, can’t we please just get along and focus?”
-MACARONI: “Chao!”
-MAY: “Cocoa’s right. We have to give it our all and do what we can to save Mobius. And besides, it look like we’re already here.” [points at a brightly lit city]
-DASH: “Finally!”

The Sonic Team has eventually landed in the grasslands, a good distance from Night Babylon. The city is a neon-lit nightlife paradise, full of stores, bars and casinos. Their amazement was short-lived, however. Once they entered the city, they picked up only a small signal – albeit a very low one.

-CLAWS: “Anything yet, Sky?”
-SKY: [frustrated] “The radar is now scanning, but it still isn’t picking up anything…”
-DASH: [growing impatient] “This is getting crazy! We’re already in this city and we still can’t figure out the location of Egghead’s underground base AND the emerald! Also, where are we even going to find Amethyst??”

As a sign of a miracle, Ruby came up to Dash, holding what appeared to be a fashion magazine from a nearby newsstand.

-RUBY: “Calm down, Dash. ” [shows a page of a certain pink bat in a rich maroon gown] “There is a fashion show going on at the Diamond Auditorium inside Club “Rouge.” If we’re lucky, we might be able to get in there after the show and get Amethyst to help us.”
-MAY: [excited] “Fashion!?”
-DASH: [relieved and grateful] “Thanks, Ruby. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here.”
-RUBY: [covering her smile with the magazine, blushing]
-SKY: “That is a relief.” [puts away the radar] “Let’s get going, guys.”
-COCOA: [calling Macaroni from behind] “Come on, Macaroni!”

The Sonic Team made it to the backstage entrance to the Diamond Auditorium… only to find it blocked by a bodyguard bear. They immediately hid behind the other side of the club. As they were about to think up a plan, one of them decided to intervene.

-DASH: “Looks like it’s time to make my entrance.”

As Dash was about to reveal himself, he felt a large hand around his arm and looked back to see an irritated Claws.

-CLAWS: [whispering through clenched teeth] “Are you crazy?? You’re going to get us kicked out of this place!”
-MAY: [whispering] “Yeah, this is not the time to have an ego trip!”
-DASH: [removes Claws’ hand, wearing a prideful grin] “Chill guys, I got this.” [walks casually towards the entrance] “Excuse me sir bodyguard, ‘Hero of Mobius’ coming through-!”
-BODYGUARD: [speaks in a deep, harsh tone] “Stop right there, intruder.”
-DASH: [flabbergasted] “Hey!”
-MAY: [face palmed] “Darn it, Dash…” [runs from behind the building to join her brother] “Listen sir, my friends and I are on an important mission and we need Amethyst the Bat for-!” [gets interrupted by the bodyguard]
-BODYGUARD: “You listen, kid. I know what you are trying to play me for, and Ms. Amethyst has no time to deal with kids like you and your ‘friends.’”

The mention of those two words has sent May into a fit of rage.

-MAY: “Kid!?” [summons her Piko Piko II] “I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT THIS ‘KID’ CAN DO!!”
-DASH: [holding May back frantically] “Whoa, May! Calm down!!”
-RUBY: “Shoot!”

The others joined in with Dash and tried to keep May from attacking the bodyguard, who was already prepared for combat. It felt as if this mess would last for Gaia knows how long…

-???: [calling from behind] “What’s going on back there??”

The chaos stopped as soon as a feminine voice was heard. The bodyguard stepped aside to face the owner of said voice, who turned out to be the one Mobian the Sonic Team was looking for – Amethyst the Bat. She’s a beautiful pink bat with sparkling violet eyes, which she got from her father. She wears medium purple eye shadow, mascara and French pink lipstick. She was standing in front of the Sonic Team and her bodyguard, wearing a white robe and heeled furry slippers of the same color – along with a stern expression.

-CLAWS: [raises his hand to get his older sister’s attention] “Hey, Ames.”
-AMETHYST: [notices her younger siblings, surprised] “Claws? Ruby??” [flew towards her siblings and wraps them in a hug, fully elated] “I can’t believe you two came all the way from Angel Island just to meet me! It’s been awhile!”
-RUBY: [stammered by the sudden embrace] “Heh-heh yeah, it has…”
-CLAWS: “…” [blushing in embarrassment]
-DASH: [already impatient, fake coughs to get Amethyst’s attention] “*ahem!* We’re over here, y’know.”
-AMETHYST: [finally notices Dash and co. and hugs them tightly] “Of course I wouldn’t forget you darlings!” [focuses on her confused bodyguard] “It’s alright, Brass. These guys are my friends.”

The bodyguard, who is named Brass, soon understood the moment and finally gave the Sonic Team permission to enter backstage – but not without shooting a glare at a certain magenta hedgehog as he did so.

The Sonic Team is already inside Amethyst’s personal dress room. They began to discuss their mission to Amethyst as she was dressing up behind her privacy screen. Throughout the conversation, May, Cocoa and Macaroni were checking on the outfits.

-SKY: “You see, we travelled all the way from the Mystic Ruins to here in order to search for another one of Dr. Eggman’s bases, which is actually somewhere underneath this city.”
-AMETHYST: “Eggman?? I remember hearing from mom and daddy that he retired, or something like that…”
-DASH: [slouching on the couch, a bored look on his face] “Yeah, well, we were wrong about that…”
-CLAWS: [gets back to the point] “Anyway… Eggman has blocked our radar from scanning his base, and we need your help to track him down.”
-AMETHYST: “Hmmm. I would do my best, buuut… is there a reason for me to be part of this ‘mission?’”
-CLAWS: [sighs] “There is. That said base has a Chaos Emerald kept inside …”

As that was said, Amethyst flew from behind her privacy screen in what appeared to be her official attire: a black-and-white striped top, royal purple short shorts, red fingerless gloves, and a pair of black wedges with purple straps.

-AMETHYST: “A Chaos Emerald??” [flew right up to her brother’s face, obviously interested] “You mean to tell me that one of the jewels that are said to be the most powerful in all of Mobius is in the hands of a mad scientist?!”
-CLAWS: [surprised] “Ummm…”
-DASH: [comes between the siblings] “Yeah, right off the bat (no pun intended). So, whaddya’ say?”
-AMETHYST: [thinks for a moment before making a decision] “Sure, I’ll help. After all, who else has daddy’s Chaos Emerald senses but me?” [pointing to herself proudly]
-RUBY: [mumbling to herself, leering away] “You’re not the only one with said senses…”
-DASH: “Alright then, let’s get going!” [gets up from his seat] “C’mon, guys!”

The Sonic Team is currently around the city’s intersection streets, with Amethyst now working alongside them. As they went closer to the center, Sky noticed something.

-SKY: [incredulous] “That’s strange…”
-DASH: “What’s strange, Sky?”
-SKY: “The radar is no longer able to scan the Chaos Emerald. It’s as if Eggman knows we’re on his tail.”
-CLAWS: [frustrated] “He is getting clever by the second…”
-COCOA: [getting Amethyst’s attention politely] “Miss Amethyst, can you use your Chaos Emerald senses to find the base, please?”
-MACARONI: [pleading] “Chao?”
-AMETHYST: “I’m on it, hon.” [starts detecting the emerald with her senses, until she reached a point] “I see…” [looking down, apparently doubtful]
-DASH: [curious] “What is it?”
-AMETHYST: “I’m receiving enough of the Chaos Emerald’s energy somewhere below us.”
-DASH AND MAY: “Really??”
-RUBY: [confused] “How is that possible? Our radar couldn’t read anything.”
-SKY: “It all makes sense now. Not only was Eggman able to block out electromagnetic signals around his base, he was also able to weaken it as we get closer to the base’s location…”
-DASH: “Which is right under where we’re standing!” [already excited] “This is a lot easier than I thought!”
-SKY: “Only one thing: we’ll have to dig our way through.”
-RUBY: “Not a problem. Claws?”
-CLAWS: [preparing his Shovel Claws] “On it.”

Claws walked to the very center of the intersection and, with enough strength, started digging through the solid concrete. He managed to get through the pavement and continued digging the dirt. As he was aiming for another scoop, he suddenly made a metallic CLANG at the surface. Though surprised by that discovery, he started punching the dented surface until he formed a hole large enough for each member of the team to enter. As he slid through the hole, what he found underground grabbed his attention.

-CLAWS: “Hey guys! I found some kind of tunnel, and it looks like it may lead us to the base!”
-DASH: “No way! Let’s take a look!”

Dash wasted no time and jumped through the hole.

-MAY: [calling to her brother] “Hey Dash, wait up!”
-AMETHYST: [mumbling] “I’m surprised none of the dirt got on me.”

The rest of the Sonic Team jumped through the hole, one by one. They have found a metallic underground tunnel, just like Claws stated.

-SKY: [looking around in amazement] “You’re right, Claws. And judging on the lack of signal in the radar, we’re probably getting closer.”
-RUBY: “Now the question is: which way should we go?” [referring to the one-way path of the tunnel]
-AMETHYST: “Allow me, dear Ruby.” [uses her Chaos Emerald senses once more] “Aha! We take that path over there.” [pointing to her left]
-DASH: “Then let’s get moving, Sonic Team!” [runs through the tunnel]
-AMETHYST: [somewhat insulted] “Uh, you’re welcome!”

The Sonic Team moved on to the path where Amethyst detected the emerald’s presence. At first, it was a effortless one-way path – no traps or robotic drones have interfered with the heroes’ pursuit. Not yet, anyways. As the Sonic Team reached halfway towards the end of the tunnel, they have found themselves welcomed by an unwanted voice.

-DR. EGGMAN: [via speakers around the tunnel] “Ho ho ho ho! Well, if it isn’t the little bundle of heroes! I see you have managed to discover the tunnel to my underground base. Though I wouldn’t continue further if I were you, for I have inserted some traps for each of you to come across. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting to see if you all come out alive!” [speakers turn off]
-DASH: [disgusted] “What a sicko…”
-COCOA: [getting nervous] “What does he mean by ‘traps?’”

A group of laser guns suddenly appear from the tunnel’s walls, ready to shoot at the Sonic Team.

-CLAWS: “Everyone – move!!”

Everyone began to hurry towards the end of the tunnel while avoiding the multiple gunshots. Despite being overwhelmed by shock, they have managed to make it to the end – which turned out to be a metal wall in front of them.

-MAY: [frustrated] “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”
-RUBY: “Stand back, everyone! I got this…” [walks from behind the group]

A fiery aura starts to form around Ruby’s right fist. She soon charged towards the wall, fist ready. As she reached the wall, she made a punch that was heated enough to melt a gaping hole onto the surface. The Sonic Team passed through that same hole and continued their way through another tunnel, only to be confronted by the Egg Pawn and Orbinauts with neon-lit spike balls.

-DASH: [becoming cocky] “Hey, look what Egghead left for us!”
-SKY: “How close are we, Amethyst?”
-AMETHYST: [uses her Chaos Emerald senses] “We’re actually closer to the base than we think. I can sense the Chaos Emerald better than before.”
-CLAWS: [determined] “It looks like Eggman is trying to keep us from reaching it.”
-MAY: [wields her Piko Piko II] “Not if we can help it!”

A battle soon erupted between the Sonic Team and Eggman’s robots. Dash and Sky scored homing attacks at one segment of the Egg Pawn; May, Cocoa and Macaroni took care of the other half; and Claws, Ruby and Amethyst faced the neon Orbinauts. While it was quite a fight, the heroes handled it as if it was their daily task. As they have beaten the robots, however, more of the Egg Pawn was already coming toward them.

-DASH: [immensely impatient] “That’s it! We’re ending this now!”

Dash began to run around the Egg Pawn at an incredible speed rate, forming the ‘Dash Tornado.’ This allows the robots to be thrown upwards and hit the tunnel’s walls, destroying them.

-DASH: [triumphant] “And that’s how it’s done!”
-SKY AND COCOA: [cheering] “Alright Dash!”
-MAY: [sighs] “What a showoff…”

The Sonic Team hurried past the mechanical debris straight to the gates leading to Eggman’s base. Before going further, May suddenly summoned her Piko Piko II and smashed the gates with little to no effort. After that, they entered a large base. It was entirely pitch-black… with only one source of light.

-COCOA: “There it is!” [pointing at the light]

Right in front of the Sonic Team is their main goal: the second Chaos Emerald. Its cyan aura shined through the glass dome it was trapped in.

-SKY: [“We finally found the Chaos Emerald!”
-AMETHYST: [leans onto the dome, dazzled by the emerald] “I never thought such a powerful item could be this dazzling!”
-DASH: [looking around] “Alright, we found the emerald. Now where is…?
-DR. EGGMAN: [calling from nowhere] “Getting the Chaos Emerald already?”

Eggman suddenly appeared from above the base and landed in front of the young heroes, blocking them from the emerald. He was controlling another one of his inventions: a large, humanoid robot with a hefty upper body and three clawed ‘fingers’ on both arms. On its back are four tentacles with an eerie infra red light. There was also that same color around its limbs and body.

-DR. EGGMAN: [smoothing his moustache in a smug manner] “Not a chance!”
-AMETHYST: [mumbling to Sky] “So that’s Dr. Eggman?”
-SKY: “Yeah. He’s the scientist whom our parents faced a long time ago.”
-DASH: “You had a lot of nerve to throw your playthings at us, Eggman. Now what’s the occasion?”
-DR. EGGMAN: “It’s simple, really. I have created a personal firewall that has enabled me to block out any source of electromagnetic signal from reaching the Chaos Emerald – that little radar you have there, for example.” [now referring to Amethyst] “But thanks to your new addition to your motley crew, all of that hard work has gone to waste. But that will be put behind us once I demolish all of you.”
-MAY: “Like that’ll ever happen!” [wields her Piko Piko II]

May jumped towards Eggman, preparing to smack him in the head. That failed, unfortunately, when one of the robot’s tentacles swapped her hard enough to hit the floor. This knocked her unconscious.

-DR. EGGMAN: “That’s far enough!”

This has shocked the rest of the Sonic Team, but not as much as it did to Dash.

-DASH: [infuriated] “Why you… that’s my SISTER!!”

In a matter of seconds, Dash ran towards Eggman at full speed. He managed to avoid the tentacles as they were attempting to either grab or smack him. He made a homing attack at the robot’s body and prepared to aim another at Eggman. However, he didn’t pay attention to the clawed arms that were set up to grab him. As the robot succeeded in doing so, Eggman commanded it to throw Dash out of the base. While in the air, Dash positioned himself to land on the steel floor, just inches close to the open entrance.

-DASH: “Cocoa, get May to safety.”
-COCOA: “Okay. Let’s go, Macaroni.” [quickly grabs May and carries her out]
-DASH: [whispering to Claws] “Where’s Sky?”
-CLAWS: [answering in the same volume] “He’s at the opposite side, finding a way to grab the emerald and destroy this base.”
-DASH: “Cool. You and the girls can help me beat this bucket of bolts.”

They continued their brawl with Eggman. Dash proceeded with his homing attacks, while the treasure hunters and spy-in-training strike with individual attacks.

Claws started punching on the robot’s left leg – forming deep scratches in the process – while Ruby three punches and kicks on the right leg, with enough strength to create more than dents. Luckily for the two echidnas, the mad scientist was too focused on Dash to notice anything. In the meantime, Amethyst shifted Eggman’s attention on Dash by pulling the tentacles from the robot’s back, much to the scientist’s chagrin.

-DR. EGGMAN: “Stop that, you insignificant wench!!”
-AMETHYST: [deeply offended] “Such a way to talk to a lady!”

This caused Amethyst to let go of one of the spare tentacles and execute one of her techniques: the Screw Kick. Although she kicked the robot on its side, the attack was strong enough to throw the machine off course. This disorientates Eggman as a result.

-DR. EGGMAN: [confused] “Wha-what in the-?!”

As Eggman regained his vision, he realized too late that something was off with his robot. Before he could react, the robot fell hard on the floor. His concern has deepened, as both of the robot’s legs were already completely ripped from the robot’s body – all thanks to a certain echidna duo. With that damage and the infra red liquid leaking from the back, Eggman’s robot is close to being rendered useless.

-DR. EGGMAN: [throwing a tantrum] “No! It cannot be over!!”
-DASH: [smug] “Face it, Eggman. It’s over.”

After that statement, there was a sound of a siren going off around the base. When Eggman looked behind, he was met with quite a surprise: wires were torn out of the base’s walls and machines and the second Chaos Emerald is no longer inside the small dome. He looked up to see Sky, who was already holding the emerald. Before anything could happen, an automated voice spoke through the alarm.

-DASH: [shocked] “Dang it! Alright guys – run!”

The heroes ran out of the base, emerald at hand, leaving Eggman struggling to escape. After exiting the wrecked base, the Sonic Team rushed past the crushed robots that were still lying around the hall and reached the tunnel.


As soon as they entered the tunnel, the same laser guns from before came out of the wall and began shooting at the Sonic Team once again. They proceeded to run despite the numerous laser shots coming at them. They have succeeded, and were finally getting close to the dug-in hole Claws made.


The Sonic Team found their entrance and got to the outside on time and continued their way to the distant grasslands, where Cocoa and Macaroni were staying with the still unconscious May. Shortly after, a burst of fire came out of the hole. This caught the heroes’ attention.

-DASH: [astounded by the eruption] “Whoa! Who wants to bet that Egghead can’t survive that?”
-COCOA: [looks down, then calls to her friends] “Guys, look! May’s waking up!”
-MAY: [waking up, as Cocoa stated] “Ughhh… wha-where am I? What happened?”
-DASH: [relieved] “May, you’re alright!”
-MAY: “Of course I am…” [looking around, puzzled] “Are we outside? Where’s Eggman??”

As a form of answer, Eggman suddenly popped out of the hole via his Eggcraft, completely burned and somehow alive.

-DR. EGGMAN: [furious] “This isn’t the end of it, rodents! I will grab the next Chaos Emerald and wipe you all out of existence!”

And just like that, he hovered away. The Sonic Team looked on until Amethyst broke the silence.

-AMETHYST: [stretching herself] “Well, I have to say this was quite a night.”
-CLAWS: “It sure was. Thanks for helping us, Ames.” [looking down, smiling and slightly blushing]
-RUBY: “Yeah. We couldn’t have found the emerald if it weren’t for you.”
-AMETHYST: [overly flattered] “Awww, you don’t know how much it means to hear such sweet things from you both!” [hugs her siblings]

The others looked at the moment in contentment, while Sky simultaneously turned on the bi-plane.

-SKY: “Now we can bring this Chaos Emerald to Mystic Ruins and put it alongside the first one.”
-DASH: “Great!” [turns to Amethyst while on the left wing] “Thanks for helping us finding the emerald and taking out Egghead. We’ll remember to call you when that time comes.”
-MAY: [calling from the right wing] “And then maybe we can hang out afterwards!”
-AMETHYST: [giggles] “I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I’ll notify GUN about your accomplishment as soon as I can!”
-DASH: [gives a thumbs up] “You do that!” [turns to Sky] “Ready to go, Sky?”
-SKY: “Ready!” [moves the Tornado 3 forward]
-CLAWS AND RUBY: “See you later, Ames!” [waved to Amethyst as they glide away]

Amethyst stood by and waved at her friends and siblings as the Tornado 3 carried off to the clear night sky. She stayed in her place for a moment before preparing to leave as well.

-AMETHYST: [softly speaking] “Good luck, little darlings. I’ll support you all the way.”

She flew back to her place of residence in Night Babylon, a proud smile on her face.

Sonic X-Generation: Episode 6
After about a month or two (maybe more? :shrug:), the sixth episode of my fanfic series "Sonic X-Generation" is finally complete.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Dr. Ivo Robotnik/Dr. Eggman belong to (c)SEGA
Dash Rose, May Rose, Sky Prower, Cocoa Prower, Macaroni the Chao, Claws the Echidna, Ruby the Echidna and Amethyst the Bat belong to me


Chapter 1

Every region on the planet Mobius has their own sense of individuality, whether they revolve around rural and tropical locations, or modern to futuristic urban areas. While these regions, they have one thing in common: the Sun. But one continent remains the exclusion of daylight. This area, in particular, is a distant town of Twiligo.

Through its sudden formation, this town has stood out for its unnatural trait – in nightfall, civilians receive a massive moon on a star-filled sky. Daytime, however, is never so ordinary. The morning sky is in a bright lavender hue instead of a typical cyan – no sign of sunlight anywhere. And for that, the town of Twiligo has carried the reputation as the town “where the sun’s light is a rare sight.”

Another important factor of this town is its fighting technique – the Shadow Dust Arts. Only the people of Twiligo can be able to use this technique; with this unique ability came unusual flight, and manipulation of the shadows and dark energy… but at a great cost.

Despite these qualities, Twiligo has always been home to those who were born under the town’s nocturnal heavens… all of them except for a certain young thief. The shadowed alleys of Twiligo is where her story began…


It was a quiet night around the streets of Twiligo. The large moon hangs over the town while giving its light, in placement of light poles. The many stars that surround the moon further supported this. To many, it was a peaceful night… if not for the events that take place in these same streets.

An adult male porcupine slowly snuck out from between two random buildings. He had fandango fur with messy quills, and lavender eyes that match Twiligo’s morning sky. He wore a dark green vest, white gloves with black spiked bracelets, and a pair of black and medium blue boots. He is holding what seemed to be some kind of bag under his right arm. As he stepped under the moonlight, a sudden cry has erupted from not too far. He wasted no time - he grew what appeared to be a pair of indigo wings and flew off at great speed. The porcupine suddenly began to feel exhausted along the way, possibly due to the increasing speed in flight. But he couldn’t give in, not when he is being chased by whatever is behind him. Soon after, he managed to make it to his destination – a dark alley that has enough room for two.

As he put the bag down, the shadows began to form to the center of the wall in front of him. However, what came out of the shadows is no enemy. Facing him is an adult female porcupine – she had rose quartz fur with elegantly curved quills and a fluffy tuft of hair, and a pair of pure celeste eyes. She wore a flowing white dress and matching slip-on shoes. She was holding something in her arms, but it was wrapped in a violet blanket with some kind of label on its right side.

“Damien…” the female called the male by his name, catching him in a warm embrace, “I was afraid you weren’t going to make it…”

The male porcupine, known as “Damien,” embraced who was actually his wife before loosening his grip. “Sorry for scarin’ ya, Selena. I bumped into some punks along the way…” he spoke casually yet with affection. He looked down at what was making cooing sounds in the violet blanket. “And how’s the squirt doin’?” he asked playfully. In the blanket was actually a baby porcupine girl – a bundle of plum fur with her mother’s tuft of fur and her father’s lavender eyes.

“She’s doing fine, although a bit worried for her father,” Selena replied while looking down at their daughter lovingly.

Damien embraced his wife once more, with a free hand caressing her cheek. “Hey, as long as we keep close, nothin’ should happen to us…” he whispered. Such words had been spoken too soon…

While they were having their moment, a figure came from nowhere, dagger at hand. Without warning, he charged at the family while letting out a maniacal yell. Damien noticed this, and fought back while protecting his wife and child: he used some dark energy to strike the knife out of the attacker’s grip. He’s not done, however. “What the hell are you doin’ here, Blade?! Why did you follow me here?!” Damien demanded. He appeared to know this individual: he is an ash gray falcon with light red eyes, wearing nothing but a black belt with a sheath. Behind this raven are a dark green iguana and a blue-gray walrus.

“You of all Mobians should know exactly why! You are a traitor to the Shadow Raiders, and you will die for our humiliation!” Blade shouted venomously.

Damien still stood his ground. “Think all ya want, Blade! I won’t let any of ya Raiders get to my family!” he replied firmly. Dark energy began to form around his fists. He immediately charged at the raven, and brought an uppercut to the face. The porcupine aimed for another, only to be knocked back by the walrus – thus leaving Selena and the baby exposed. This gave Scythe the chance to take advantage of the situation. He brought out another dagger out of thin air and prepared to cut them both… but as soon as he lowered the blade, Damien got in the way.

“DAMIEN!!” Selena shrieked, devastated by what just happened in front of her. She got down on her knees and held her dying husband in her arms, tears welling up.

“S-Selena…” Damien spoke faintly, blood gushing out of his mouth; “R-Run… save our… daughter… s-save yourself…” he let out his last breath before going limp.

“I will. I love you…” Selena held her past spouse once more before doing as she was told. She grew a pair of magenta wings and flew away, the baby in her arms. The Shadow Raiders soon gave chase.

Selena flew past several buildings at maximum speed, all while teleporting constantly. While that helped her get a safe distance from the thugs, her energy swiftly began to deteriorate. It didn’t help the fact that her crying baby is giving her current status away. That changed, however, as she looked back to see the Shadow Raiders closing in on her. Despite realizing her decreasing energy, Selena decided to teleport one more time… without noticing her pursuers repeating her action. She reappeared in the empty streets of west Twiligo. She looked at every corner of the city to find no one was around, and ran to the nearest alley with nothing but a small, brown box. Before putting her in said box, she looked at her baby fixedly, knowing what she must do. The baby porcupine cooed at her mother, smiling and moving her little arms; this made Selena tear up. She didn’t want to let her baby go, but she couldn’t let crooks like the Shadow Raiders get to her. Selena looked at her daughter for the last time.

“Your father and I love you so much… May you have a bright future, my dear baby…” she spoke through sobs. She kissed her baby on the forehead and slowly placed her inside the box, though not without hesitation. As she walked further from the alley, the two henchmen that were after her suddenly caught her; both of them holding one arm each. She tried to break free, but to no avail. Shock turned to fear as she found herself face-to-face with the falcon responsible for her husband’s death. He walked to her and forcibly lifts her face to his level.

“Where. Is. The. Child??” Blade demanded. Selena broke free from his grasp and glared at him.

“Don’t even bother, Blade. I put my baby someplace where you and your goons will never find him!” she spat proudly. Blade gritted his teeth in anger as a response.

“I will make you regret ever doing that!” he yelled. The falcon brought out another weapon out of thin air: a machete. Blade’s henchmen watched in excitement as their leader aimed his weapon on Selena’s chest area, a sick grin across his beak.

“Do your worst…” the porcupine said passively, closing her celeste eyes.

Blade only responded in sadistic glee as he raised the machete and ended everything there.

There were a few hours left before morning arrives and the streets in West Twiligo were still empty. That did not for long, though. Out in the streets were a couple of male juveniles, one a dark red wolf with pale aqua eyes, and the other a black-and-saffron hornet with orchid eyes. Both of them were between ages ten through twelve. They were simply walking and chatting while carrying some stolen goods, when they heard a faint cry coming from a nearby alley.

“What is that??” the wolf asked worriedly.

“It’s something crying, whaddya’ think?” the hornet responded.

They both walked closer to the alley and found nothing but a small, brown box in the center. That was when they heard the crying once again; this time they can hear it coming from the box. It sounded like… a baby? To confirm their suspicions, they stepped closer to the box and opened the lids. What they saw made them drop their goods: a baby porcupine girl wrapped in a violet blanket, bawling from starvation. The boys immediately grabbed the baby out of the box and flew out of the alley. They continued flying until they reached an underground path at the very end of west Twiligo. They entered and ran until they got to a wooden door that leads to their secret base.

“Shriek! We found something!” the hornet called out to someone, the baby in the wolf’s arms.

A black bat with beige eyes came from aside the base. He was also around the age of twelve. “What is it that’s so important you two have to wake me up at this time??” he asked in impatience.

The wolf nervously came up to his leader and held out the baby, whose crying was starting to lower. “We found this baby in the alley not far from here.

Shriek grabbed the infant and observed it. She looked very dirty and weak, as if she was left in that alley all night. She looked up at the bat with curiosity, with a small trail of tears in her eyes. He spoke solemnly, “I did not expect you to bring something other than possessions. But…” he continued, “…we can’t put this little tyke back there after seeing her like this.”

“Sooo… what are you saying?” the wolf asked, completely oblivious. He received a smack to the back of the head from the hornet.

“I’m saying, we’ll keep this kid as our own. Let’s just hope she’s worth it later on…” Shriek responded, irritation dropping from his voice. He looked down at the porcupine girl, who was pulling at his nose and giggling. Shriek started becoming more annoyed by the second, but shook it off. “Cerin,” he called the wolf, “See if we have anymore milk left.” The wolf quickly did as he was commanded.

“If we’re gonna’ keep her here, what are we going to name her?” the hornet asked his leader, using his antennae to play with the infant porcupine.

“No need for that, Sabre…” Shriek responded, confusing the hornet, “…because her name’s labeled on her blanket.” He turned the baby in a counterclockwise rotation to show the label on the blanket – it was the baby’s actual name, black text in Bold Italic.

Team Force - Origins (Chapter 1)
It took some time (in terms of good fan-fiction, of course), but I have finally finished the prologue of my first division of "Team Force - Origins." :) Here, it details the past of a certain plum porcupine and how she will grow up in life of larceny.

Hope you guys enjoy. :meow:

Elements of Twiligo and the Shadow Dust Arts were originally created by :iconparagonofsonamy:
As you may have seen, I have submitted pictures of Viperine the Porcupine, Sapphire the Arctic Wolf, and Aurelia the Lion this past month or two. During the progress of said pictures, I have been thinking: "How did these three characters become who they are?" "What happened to them in the past?" "What brought them together as a team?" :?

Well, I am planning to answer my own questions with an origins story. You've read correctly. :nod: I am currently making another fanfic series called "Team Force Origins," which will tell about the past lives of the members of Team Force. But instead of making just one jumbled-up story, I am making four divisions - based on the characters/stories of focus. For example, the first story simply be titled "VIPERINE", second is "SAPPHIRE", "AURELIA" is third, and lastly is "A FRESH START." Each of the stories will have a total of seven chapters, including a prologue and epilogue.

On a side note, this series will count as a "soft reboot," so anything I've put on them in the past will be changed. Whether those changes will be major or minor will yet be seen.

In the meantime, the prologue of the "VIPERINE" division is in progress but will be submitted as soon as it's complete. So, that's it. :meow:

*EDIT: Instead of making four divisions for "Team Force Origins," I have decided to make one story explaining the pasts and formation of Team Force. The whole story will also a total of eleven chapters. That way, I won't have to focus It's still going to be a soft reboot, so not much will change.
Sapphire and Crystal by ViperNicole92
Sapphire and Crystal
I told you I'll be doing another drawing of these two! :D

As you can see here, Crystal is now a Hero Chao! :w00t: She is a fly/normal type, as you will find here:…

You can also see a glimpse of Sapphire's cryokinesis (ice powers). I hope you enjoy Crystal's new form, because I do! :meow:

Sapphire the Arctic Wolf and Crystal the Chao (c) Me


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, I'm ViperNicole92, also known as my real name Nicole. Let me tell you guys about myself.

First off, I am known to be a quiet girl back at high school, and I may be shy most of the time. However, I tend to open up to people who appear to tolerate me for the person I am, and I can be a little bit more social than in my old days. I've had a passion for drawing and painting since I was young, and I would like to become an artist after graduating from college. :)

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative Rock, and Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Acrylic, watercolor, and digital
MP3 player of choice: IPhone 5
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Peter Griffin
As you may have seen, I have submitted pictures of Viperine the Porcupine, Sapphire the Arctic Wolf, and Aurelia the Lion this past month or two. During the progress of said pictures, I have been thinking: "How did these three characters become who they are?" "What happened to them in the past?" "What brought them together as a team?" :?

Well, I am planning to answer my own questions with an origins story. You've read correctly. :nod: I am currently making another fanfic series called "Team Force Origins," which will tell about the past lives of the members of Team Force. But instead of making just one jumbled-up story, I am making four divisions - based on the characters/stories of focus. For example, the first story simply be titled "VIPERINE", second is "SAPPHIRE", "AURELIA" is third, and lastly is "A FRESH START." Each of the stories will have a total of seven chapters, including a prologue and epilogue.

On a side note, this series will count as a "soft reboot," so anything I've put on them in the past will be changed. Whether those changes will be major or minor will yet be seen.

In the meantime, the prologue of the "VIPERINE" division is in progress but will be submitted as soon as it's complete. So, that's it. :meow:

*EDIT: Instead of making four divisions for "Team Force Origins," I have decided to make one story explaining the pasts and formation of Team Force. The whole story will also a total of eleven chapters. That way, I won't have to focus It's still going to be a soft reboot, so not much will change.

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