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These are all the drawings and fanfictions I've done over the years.



SXG - Sky by ViperNicole92
SXG - Sky

AGE: 6
HEIGHT: 70 cm. (2’4”)
WEIGHT: 17 kg. (41 lb.)
BODY COLOR: Yellow/vermillion
EYE COLOR: Chestnut brown
FAMILY: Vanilla the Rabbit (grandmother); Miles “Tails” Prower (father); Cream Prower (mother); Cocoa Prower (older sister); Miles Prower, Jr. (younger brother); Macaroni the Chao (pet chao)
SKILL(S): Flight; basic combat; mechanics
ATTACKS/MOVES: Tail Swipe; Spin Attack; Rapid Tail Attack; Spin Dash; Thunder Shoot
BIRTHPLACE: Emerald Town
THEME SONG: Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz
QUOTE: “Even with no one to help me, I might as well do as much as I can to survive.
DESCRIPTION: Given intelligence from his father, Sky is the brains of the Sonic Team, despite being the youngest in the group. He is even known to be kind-hearted and humble to anyone he‘s just met, but with an overly shy side. Throughout his adventures with Dash and the others, he is determined to use his knowledge in technology to help them in dangerous situations, including his dad’s latest installment ‘Tornado 3’. However, that can turn into an opposition with those who share the same skills, even Gust. This fact alone can greatly shaken his self-confidence. Although he appears innocent and fragile, Sky is actually a true fighter deep down, and is capable to lend a hand for those in need. The friendship between him and Dash is ultimately similar to both of their dads, as they treat each other like brothers all the way.

    ·    Sky and his father have a strong father-son relationship. In fact, he follows his footsteps to become an inventor. He also has a good bond with his mother.
    ·    Sky also gets along greatly with his sister Cocoa. There can be times when he would come to her in the time of need.
    ·    He and Dash share a strong friendship since the beginning, to the point where the navy blue hedgehog is like an older brother to him.
    ·    He is also friends with Claws, as they assist one another throughout missions and spend time when given the chance.
    ·    Sky only met Spear when he was still a baby, so he doesn’t remember him entirely (only that he was an old friend before suddenly disappearing).
    ·    Like his father, Sky has a rivalry with Wave’s son Gust. However, unlike their parents, Sky is constantly ridiculed by Gust to where his self-esteem is deeply affected.
    ·    Perry is also a good friend of Sky’s, as the duck also has to deal with Gust as well.

SXG - May by ViperNicole92
SXG - May
AGE: 11
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Hedgehog
HEIGHT: 88 cm. (2'9")
WEIGHT: Secret
BODY COLOR: Red-violet
EYE COLOR: Yellow-green
FAMILY: Sonic Rose (father); Amy Rose (mother); Dash Rose (older brother)
SKILL(S): Supersonic speed; basic/armed combat; baking; Super May (super form)
ATTACKS/MOVES: Homing Attack; Hammer Attack; Strike Dash; Spinning Hammer Attack; Storming Heart
WEAPON(S): Piko Piko II
BIRTHPLACE: Green Hill Zone
THEME SONGHollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani
QUOTE: “NOBODY calls me a ‘sidekick’!
DESCRIPTION: Entitled by some as a ‘follower’, May carries the ability to prove them wrong with her supersonic speed received from her father, especially his adventurous outlook on life. Almost all of her characteristics came from her mother: sometimes lovable and cheerful, but quick to rage; she can also be a bit fussy in and out of her missions, much to her older brother’s annoyance. The most noticeable part of her personality is her scheming side when it comes to planning on certain goals. She may have a violent side, but despite that, she has a very good heart. Although she may appear completely cute, her supersonic speed and very own ‘Piko Piko II’ will make her become a formidable opponent for any wrongdoer who gets in her way. Despite being able to prove herself as a worthy freedom fighter, however, there comes a time where she would be held back by the overprotectiveness of her mother. She won’t let that in the way, though, as she is determined enough to prove she’s not as fragile.

    ·     May has a healthy father-daughter bond with her dad Sonic. Even though she doesn’t train with him, they both share an adventurous viewpoint on life. May also bonds greatly with her mother Amy, as they do everything together. This goes to the point where most of her personality is closely like her mother’s.
    ·     May tends to pester with Dash for reasons, including his petty insults at her Piko Piko II. However, she stills cares about her older brother.
    ·     Cocoa and May are the best of friends as their mothers were years ago. They are like sisters to one another.
    ·     Ruby is another good friend of May’s, due to having mutually tough traits. Both girls even tend to gang up on Dash at times, either impishly or bluntly.
    ·     Amethyst is an idol to May, in terms of both fashion and self-confidence. She also enjoys shopping with the pink bat.
    ·     May has a crush on Spear since they were kids. However, her feelings are unreturned, and are kept hidden to herself even today.
    ·     Much similar to her brother, May is good friends with Star. They tend to hang out whenever they’re free from their separate missions.
    ·     May also enjoys being with Jolly, as her random nature can make her laugh. The same can be said for Jolly’s brother Perry.

May and art (C) Me
SXG - Dash by ViperNicole92
SXG - Dash

After nearly five years, I have decided to renew character bios along with updated drawings of every character from my fanfic series "Sonic X-Generation." Of course, Dash is the first to go (others will follow eventually):

Dash Rose
AGE: 15
SPECIES: Hedgehog
HEIGHT: 100 cm. (3'3")
WEIGHT: 35 kg. (77 lb.)
BODY COLOR: Navy blue/purple
EYE COLOR: Jade green
FAMILY: Sonic Rose (father); Amy Rose (mother); May Rose (younger sister)
SKILL(S): Supersonic speed; basic combat; guitar playing; Super Dash (super form)
ATTACKS/MOVES: Spin Dash; Strike Dash; Homing Attack; Light Dash; Dash Tornado
BIRTHPLACE: Green Hill Zone
THEME SONG: What I’m Made Of… by Crush 40
QUOTE: “I am Dash Rose- son of ‘The Fastest Thing Alive‘!
DESCRIPTION: Known for being the son of the “Fastest Thing Alive“, Dash is the new speedy savior of Mobius. During his childhood, he has been motivated by his father’s glory days as the hero of Mobius and had dreams of one day being like him. This became a reality when he faced Dr. Eggman for the first time. Similar to his father, he is truly capable of defending freedom and won‘t give in on anything with full meaning. However, due to his oversized amount of cockiness, he’ll still need to learn more about the importance of being a hero. He can also be short-tempered and impatient around anyone- even his own companions, which is a complete nuisance for both his own mother and his treasure hunting soul mate; he‘ll even get his own butt whooped by the both of them at any time. Still, he’s as much as the good-hearted speedster to everybody else as his father always has been. Along with friends and family, Dash will have all the help he can get to ward off any form of evil.

    ·    Sonic has been Dash’s role model throughout his childhood, to the point where the young hedgehog hopes of one day being as awesome as him. When he’s not out emerald seeking, he spends his time either relaxing or training with his father. Dash also has a good bond with his mother Amy. However, there are times when his attitude will irritate her to where he will be disciplined with her Piko Piko Hammer.
    ·    Dash and May are typical siblings; they fight and pester with one another. But they both care about each other. He is also protective of May to where he will lose his temper if any opponent lays a hand on her.
    ·    Like their paternal parents, Dash and Sky are the very best of friends. Since the day they met, their friendship has grown to the point where they have a brotherly relationship.
    ·    Claws is one of Dash’s good friends. Like their paternal parents, they have their differences and morals. However, their banters tending to be more modest than their dads’.
    ·    Dash and Ruby have been best friends ever since they met. They currently have a close, playful relationship.
    ·    Spear has been another good friend of Dash’s five years ago, until the former’s sudden disappearance.
    ·    Dusk is another friend of Dash’s, as they tend to hang around and sometimes play pranks on each other.
    ·    Dash and Star are competitive rivals, much similar to their paternal parents. However, their rivalry is more sibling-esque than their dads’.

Dash Rose and art (c) Me

SXG - Rouge by ViperNicole92
SXG - Rouge
Here is Rouge the Bat, as she appears in my fanfic series, "Sonic X-Generation."

Here is a detailed list of her attire:
-Mauve eyeshadow
-Pink lipstick
-Black and fuchsia bodysuit
-Black and fuchsia gloves with black cuffs
-Black knee-high boots with fuchsia cuffs

Rouge the Bat (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
Art (c) me

Chapter 2


Six years have passed, and Twiligo still as peaceful as they are known to be – so peaceful, it was as if the tragic events around that duration have never happened. The afternoon skies gave off an amethyst hue instead of the usual light blue that is seen outside Twiligo. Besides the absence of sunlight, the sky still gives a brilliant color above the nocturnal town. It was a great day for one to go out and proceed with their daily activities. One certain group of criminals would believe so, as well.

The underground path near west Twiligo has remained unfound the whole time. The secret base inside was the same as it was – but with minor retouches. One of those said retouches is an extra room, where there lived a small plum porcupine – Viperine, now six years old. She wore a red cap, a black t-shirt with a skull emblem and purple shorts. She wore white fingerless gloves with black spiked cuffs and midnight blue shoes. There is no doubt that this was the same infant who was saved by a group of rogues, who later turned out to be called the Spawns of Nightfall.

As time went on, the young porcupine has spent the entirety of her childhood training her Shadow Dust Arts along with her thieving skills. While it involved a great amount of focus and work – along with episodes of exhaustion, she enjoyed every second of it – as if it was a sort of game for her. She even felt like she had an actual family with her – based on her point of view – and that things couldn’t possibly change that. Today felt like another day for Viperine to go out and do her thing. She can feel it deep in her little core. She jumped out of her bed, grabbed her bag, and exited her bedroom. With a smirk on her face, she was getting to the wooden door until she heard footsteps from behind.

“Where do you think you’re going, Viper?” a masculine voice called from behind, labeling the porcupine by her nickname. Viperine turned to face her leader Shriek the Bat, now eighteen years old. He wore a gray vest, red spiked cuffs, and red boots with gray streaks. He had a maroon symbolic tattoo of sort across the left side of his face. Viperine’s bond with the bat wasn’t as sibling-esque as those with Sabre and Cerin, if at all.

“I was just going to get some goodies, boss. Don’t worry about me!” she responded carelessly.

“I’m not worried,” he uttered, “You’re still not allowed to leave the base without any supervision.”

Viperine responded with some eye rolling, and stated warily, “Why not?? You and Sabre and Cerin got to steal a long time ago, and I can learn as much as you guys can!”

At that moment, Sabre the Hornet and Cerin the Wolf arrived in the main room. Sabre – eighteen years old – wore a pair of mahogany goggles; along with an attire of a medium blue closed vest, black gloves with light gray cuffs, and medium blue shoes with white trim. His black hair was tied in a ponytail. Cerin – sixteen years old – wore a gold yellow neckerchief, light blue cuffs, and golden yellow boots with light blue trim. He has two golden piercings on his right ear.

“That may be true, Viper. You have been learning the basics of the Shadow Dust Arts like it’s nothing, but…” Sabre started until a certain dark red wolf interrupted him.

“…But you just need to work more on your stealing,” Cerin finished. He suddenly received a bump on the left arm from the hornet for his interference. “Ow!! What?! I was just sayin’…” he responded while rubbing his arm.

Viperine just stood there, mouth agape. “But… but I was able to pass every test on my Shadow Dust Arts and my thieving! I can do anything you guys can! You said so yourselves!” she whined, defending herself.

Sabre and Cerin looked away in awkward guilt. Shriek, however, simply rolled his eyes and snorted. He took a seat on a nearby couch and said, “Like Cerin said, you need to work more on your thieving skills. You’re still a kid, and unless you stop treating your training sessions like child’s play, you’ll just show us that you don’t have what it takes to be a true thief.”

Viperine crossed her arms and pouted. “Well, since you’re the boss, why don’t you start deciding on my ‘training’ except just standing and frowning all day??” she spat. This caused Shriek to get up from the couch and come towards her, an irked look on his face.

“If you think talking to me in that tone will get you anywhere, you thought wrong…” Shriek gritted his teeth, leering at her threateningly. Before anything happened, Cerin stepped up to face his leader.

“Hey, boss! Why don’t we bring her to southeast Twiligo? That side isn’t as crowded as the rest, so we can at least do Viper a favor by training her Shadow Dust Arts in wherever there’s more space and privacy. Then maybe when she’s done with all of that, she’ll be able to use her skills like they’re nothing, and become a great thief in the end,” he said.

Sabre got to Cerin’s side, showing that he actually supported his friend’s idea. Viperine started giving Shriek a pouty face. Shriek looked away from the group crossing his arms and sneering moments before giving in. “Fine…” he sighed.

A big smile formed on Viperine’s face and she began to jump in place, raising her fists and cheering. During that, however, Shriek suddenly grabbed Cerin by his neckerchief and muttered to him bitterly, “This better do me some good…” He roughly let go of the wolf and walked out to the underground path.


The Spawns of Nightfall have teleported from their underground path in west Twiligo onto one of the buildings in southeast Twiligo. It is more uninhabited than the other directions in this obscure town: in this location were very flat grasslands, albeit a few large boulders and mountains surrounding the lush grounds. The sky gave off a dull hue of wisteria. Shriek stood in front of the scenery and observed it, while Viperine, Sabre, Cerin stood behind the bat.

“Alright, we’re here,” he said, “Viper, come forward.”

Viperine paced her way towards where her leader was standing. If it wasn’t obvious for the others, the young porcupine was very excited for this day. While eager, she waited for a command as much as she could.

Shriek started explaining what has yet to come to the porcupine, “Listen closely, ‘cause I’m not going to repeat myself afterwards…” Shriek collectedly started. “We will mainly use these grasslands to test on your Shadow Dust Arts. You’ll begin your training session by testing your flight speed and maneuver; along with that will come target practice, shadow-melding, and combat. After all of that, we will test your current thieving skills in our next destination – which you’ll have yet to see for yourself. Everything that gets thrown at you is so you fully master the Shadow Dust Arts and become a real thief.” He finished.

Viperine responded by raising her hand.

“What is it?” Shriek asked, a great amount of impatience in his tone of voice.

“What if I get tired during my training??” Viperine asked. It was clear that she felt overwhelmed by her given tasks.

“You’re young, you’ll live,” the bat answered pitilessly before continuing. “You ready for this?” he asked.

“Ready!” the porcupine exclaimed, spreading a pair of maroon wings.

“Then you may begin…” Shriek announced.

At that moment, Viperine rose off the straight to the air. She began by performing several air flips and turns. Unbeknownst to her, Shriek came up with a strategy. “You two,” the bat addressed to Sabre and Cerin, “Follow my lead.” He flew up to the air, with both acquaintances beside him. Eventually, they caught up with Viperine, much to the porcupine’s surprise.

“What are you guys doing?! I thought you want me to do this myself!” she whined.

“This is so we’ll be able to keep a close eye on you, in case you get carried away like usual!” Shriek coldly replied.

Viperine looked back to Sabre and Cerin – both of them giving a look of unease. I can never do what I want, she thought to herself, defeated. However, she increased her speed a little more, but not to the point of exhaustion.

Shriek began to instruct the porcupine. “Surprising, your flight speed has boosted more than I thought. First step of training is already complete, on to step two,” he said, referring to the upcoming group of boulders.

Viperine did as she was told: a dark purple aura began to form around both of her hands. As she was getting closer to one of the boulders in front of her, she shot beams of dark energy at that boulder – this demolished it into pieces. She repeated the same action on the other boulders, each shot being taken in seconds. After that, she continued to fly further until she reached a shadowed corner between two mountain walls. After that, she made a smooth landing on the grassland, with the others following suit.

Moving on to step three…” he said, as a bronze aura suddenly appeared in his hands. Sabre and Cerin glanced at each other with worried expressions.

“Aw, c’mon! I’m getting tired!” Viperine shouted.

“You’ll have time to rest later. We begin combat training… NOW!” he called out. Out of nowhere, he shot a burst of dark energy towards Viperine. She dodged the blast by quickly gliding aside.

“Sabre, Cerin,” Shriek called out. “You will join me.” Sabre and Cerin soon alongside their leader, though not without some reluctance. All three teenagers formed their individual dark energy. Viperine, still flabbergasted by the previous shot, regained her composure and mirrored the same action. The Spawns of Nightfall shot their dark energy at the porcupine, and she dodged the triple attack by flying towards the sky at great speed. Once she reached a suitable height, she held up both hands and created orbs of dark energy with dark purple aura. She then shot numerous blasts of dark energy at the teenagers. While they caught by surprise, Viperine flew around to create a distraction. This has continued for what may be awhile.

Hours have passed since Viperine’s training session. It was late afternoon, and all four members of the Spawns of Nightfall were resting on the grassland. Shriek flew from a nearby boulder and walked to Viperine, who had just woke up from a nap. “We’re done with Shadow Dust Arts training.” Shriek said.

Finally, Viperine thought happily, but groggily, to herself.

“Don’t think you’re completely off the hook yet. There’s still more training to do. Regardless of all that, you surprisingly did better than previous times.” he said casually. “Now that Shadow Dust is out of the way, let’s focus on the more challenging part.” And just like that, the Spawns of Nightfall teleported to their next location of interest.


The Spawns of Nightfall have made it to their destination, though onto a distant sidewalk. It was more urban than the other divisions of Twiligo: tall, abstract-shaped buildings stood around the streets. A number of citizens were roaming around the city, whether it is through flying, walking, or driving. There are also thicker shadows behind the buildings, serving as a possible advantage for the young rogues.

“So this is north Twiligo??” Viperine asked while gawking at the city. “This looks awesome!”

“Sure is,” Sabre casually replied, patting Viperine’s head. “Unlike the rest of Twiligo, this region is more filled with life. Plus, it has more goods than even west Twiligo.”

“It’s very different from the last time we got here…” Cerin stated, observing the scene bafflingly.

“Focus, guys!” Shriek yelled. “We are here to train Viperine on thieving, not to go sightseeing.” He looked at the city for a moment, until he saw what appeared to be a huge bank. “Ahhh, perfect…” he mumbled to himself, grinning. Shriek regained his somber expression and turned back to the group. “Follow my lead,” he said, and flew towards the bank. The Spawns of Nightfall, baffled, decided to obey their leader. They reached the building that was just across the bank.

“The bank, boss? Don’t you think we should train Viper somewhere less… dangerous??” Sabre asked in a concerned tone.

Before Shriek could respond, Viperine came up excitedly. “Are you kidding?? This will be epic!” she shouted loud enough to be heard. Shriek quickly covered the porcupine’s mouth.

“It will be, now shut it!” he scolded, gritting his teeth in frustration. He released her and turned to the bank. “In that bank, you’ll have to use your Shadow Dust Arts to your advantage. Not only be clever with it, but also quick. So the last thing we need is anymore-!” Before Shriek could finish, Viperine dashed her way towards the bank, much to the bat’s irritation. “That pea-brained runt!” Shriek muttered. The Spawns of Nightfall soon pursued the porcupine via their shadow-melding.

Viperine entered the bank through shadow-melding as well, and found herself in one of the bank’s halls. Though enthusiastic, she regained her concentration and snuck her way. The hall’s lights were actually dimmed; this served as a great advantage for the young porcupine. She used her shadow-melding once more throughout the hallway until she found what she was looking for: the bank’s main vault. Filled with excitement, she crept through the gate (which was carelessly left open), pulled out a sack from her cap and started grabbing as much cash as her small arms could. Unbeknownst to her, however, there was a security camera inside the vault, recording her every move. After getting what she wanted, she picked up the full sack and dragged her way towards the gate. As she got out of the vault, however, she felt a handgrip at her arm and faced a seething bat. This didn’t faze her, surprisingly.

“Hey boss, I snuck in like you wanted me to! And look!” Viperine pulled up her sack of cash, a smile on her face. “I got some us some goods!”

Before Shriek could say anything, a trio of security guards approached them. “What are you kids doing in front of the vault??” One of them asked; that was where he noticed a full sack next to Viperine.

Just before anyone could respond, Shriek grabbed Viperine’s sack and threw it towards the security guards, much to the porcupine’s dismay. While the guards were down, the Spawns of Nightfall flew past them through the hallway. Once they left, the leading guard pulled out his handheld transceiver and called for support. As the Spawns of Nightfall reached the end of the hallway, another group of security guards surrounded the thieves.

A battle has started with Shriek throwing off some of the guards with his sonic screech. As Sabre and Cerin followed suit, Viperine, was just scared stiff. This was to the point where she was actually trying to fly from the scene; however, due to her severe training and constant shadow-melding, she found herself slowing down. Shriek noticed this, much to his annoyance, and flew towards Viperine. He let out another screech at the approaching security guards.

“Sabre, Cerin!” Shriek called out while holding Viperine, “We’re ditching this place!”

Shortly, they rushed to the exit, only to find it was locked. With no other option left, the Spawns of Nightfall decided to teleport from the bank, thus leaving the guards to start searching around the city. In the meantime, the group managed to ascend onto the rocky hills that were a good distance from North Twiligo. There was an awkward moment of silence between the thieves.

“Uhh, boss?” Viperine asked, actually growing nervous. “H-how I did?”

“How you did??” Shriek repeated, seething in anger. “I’ll tell you how you did! You. Were. TERRIBLE!!” he began shouting as the scared porcupine. “The ONE time I told you to stay back, you went and got us busted!! You will NEVER be one of us if you keep treating this like a frickin’ game!!

“Boss, it was an accident! She didn’t mean to-!” Cerin yelled until he found himself face-to-face with Shriek, who had both wings spread as a sign of intimidation.

“This is the last time I will listen to you and your stupid ideas!” He yelled at the frightened wolf. He then turned to Viperine and threatened her, “Don’t ruin everything for us again, or I will take you out as well…” He flew off to the deep purple sky.

After seconds of awkward silence, Sabre and Cerin begrudgingly flew as well, with Viperine following from behind. She flipped her cap over her eyes, trying to hide shedding tears.
Team Force - Origins (Chapter 2)
After a long while, here is the second chapter of my recent fanfic, "Team Force - Origins." In here, we take a peek at Viperine's childhood (and not a very good one :(), along with the group of thieves who took her in.

Next chapter will involve a certain ice-wielding wolf. :meow:

Chapter 3: Coming soon...


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, I'm ViperNicole92, also known as my real name Nicole. Let me tell you guys about myself.

First off, I am known to be a quiet girl back at high school, and I may be shy most of the time. However, I tend to open up to people who appear to tolerate me for the person I am, and I can be a little bit more social than in my old days. I've had a passion for drawing and painting since I was young, and I would like to become an artist after graduating from college. :)

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative Rock, and Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Acrylic, watercolor, and digital
MP3 player of choice: IPhone 5
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Peter Griffin
As you may have seen, I have submitted pictures of Viperine the Porcupine, Sapphire the Arctic Wolf, and Aurelia the Lion this past month or two. During the progress of said pictures, I have been thinking: "How did these three characters become who they are?" "What happened to them in the past?" "What brought them together as a team?" :?

Well, I am planning to answer my own questions with an origins story. You've read correctly. :nod: I am currently making another fanfic series called "Team Force Origins," which will tell about the past lives of the members of Team Force. But instead of making just one jumbled-up story, I am making four divisions - based on the characters/stories of focus. For example, the first story simply be titled "VIPERINE", second is "SAPPHIRE", "AURELIA" is third, and lastly is "A FRESH START." Each of the stories will have a total of seven chapters, including a prologue and epilogue.

On a side note, this series will count as a "soft reboot," so anything I've put on them in the past will be changed. Whether those changes will be major or minor will yet be seen.

In the meantime, the prologue of the "VIPERINE" division is in progress but will be submitted as soon as it's complete. So, that's it. :meow:

*EDIT: Instead of making four divisions for "Team Force Origins," I have decided to make one story explaining the pasts and formation of Team Force. The whole story will also a total of eleven chapters. That way, I won't have to focus It's still going to be a soft reboot, so not much will change.

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