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Sonic X-Generation
Revived Chaos Saga

Chapter 5: Evil’s Resurface, Part 2

“I know, and I’m going after him.”


Amy and May looked at Dash, shocked by what he said. That was more of an understatement in terms of the pink hedgehog, though.

Are you crazy?!” Amy shouted at Dash.

“No, mom,” he replied, “Metal Sonic is taking dad to Chaos knows where, and if anyone’s going to get him back, it’ll be me.” Before the navy blue hedgehog could leave, he felt a tight grip around his arm.

“But you’re hurt,” Amy said, “I will not allow you to go after him in this condition!”

Before Dash could respond, May intervened and said, “Maybe I can go with him!”

This surprised Amy greatly. “Absolutely not!” she rebuffed, “If you think I’ll allow you to go and get yourself killed, then–”

“It’s okay, mom,” Dash interrupted, smiling feebly, “Besides, I need all the help I can get.”

Amy glanced at both of her children for a moment before giving in. “Fine,” she sighed in defeat, “But before you two go: please bring your father back, and be careful.”



Due to the lack of supervision from Doctor Eggman, the entirety of Gimmick Mountain Zone was put in an all-system shutdown. Traps were deactivated, and the cobweb-covered conveyer belts were left unmoved along with the rusted circular disks.

Metal Sonic flew into one of the zone’s mountains, still carrying the unconscious Sonic. Moments passed and the blue hedgehog finally woke. He freed himself from the robot’s grasp and landed on the steel ground.

“It took you long enough,” Metal Sonic said, “I thought you would stay unconscious until we reach our destination.”

Sonic stood his ground, despite being beat-up from his last defeat. “First off, you really need to catch up,” he replied before observing his surroundings, “Second, where on Mobius were you taking me?”

“All will be answered once I finish you off,” Metal Sonic said, ready for a rematch.

“Not while we’re here!”

The voice caught Sonic and Metal Sonic by surprise. They turned to the source of said voice and were met with a sight: Dash standing on one of the conveyer belts with May behind him.

Dash??” Sonic ran to Dash and caught him in a tight hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay!”

Dash hugged his father back, replying, “Like I would ever stay down, dad.”

Sonic also noticed May in front of him, and released his son. “May? What-what are you two doing all the way here?

“We thought you could use some help,” May answered.

“And based on what happened, turns out we’re right,” Dash said jokingly.

Sonic chuckled in response. “You are,” he said, “Thanks, kids.”

While the family conversed, Metal Sonic stood by, growing impatient in every second. “Enough family meetings! Let’s end this right now!”

This brought the hedgehogs’ attention. “Alright,” Sonic said, “Dash, May, take him down a notch.”

Dash and May smiled in response, and stood before Metal Sonic in battle mode. “Bring it!” Dash called out.

Metal Sonic started by speeding towards the hedgehogs. Both jumped out of the way, and Dash aimed a Homing Attack at the robot, this time delivering a direct hit. The robot recovered and flew to midair. He quickly fired a laser at the navy hedgehog. Not even that was able to do much for him, as May blocked it with her main weapon: the ‘Piko Piko II.’

She jumped off one of the conveyer belts and prepared to hammer Metal Sonic, only to get blocked by his ‘Black Shield.’ Before Metal Sonic could strike back, however, a ‘Light Dash’ suddenly knocked him from behind. May immediately took this as an advantage by knocking him down with her hammer, causing him to crash onto the ground.

May landed before him to observe the damage… only to have her leg suddenly grabbed by the robot.

I’m not done with you yet!” Metal Sonic yelled.

Before he could do anything, Dash struck him with a powered-up ‘Spin Dash.’ The robot’s body smacked on a circular disk and the ground again, enough to finally weaken him. Completely battered – busted engine and all, Metal Sonic struggled to get back up to no avail. He uttered, “This can’t be! You’re just novices! How could you possibly…?”

“Let's just say we've had a good amount of training,” Dash said as he and May looked back to his returning father with a smile. Sonic returned the gesture, this time adding a “thumbs-up” as a bonus. From there, they walked away from the robot and started their way back home.



“Oh my Chaos, I’m so glad you’re alive!” Amy cried as she held Sonic in a very tight embrace. Both of their kids watched in amusement.

Sonic, while relieved, was gasping for air. “Me, too, Ames! Um, you can let me go now!” he wheezed. He was finally released immediately.

“So, what’s going to happen now?” May asked.

“Yeah, I mean, we fought off Metal Sonic,” Dash said, “What else is there left?”

Sonic and Amy glanced at each other for a moment.

“I wish we could say to restart a peaceful life, but after what happened recently…” Amy trailed off.

Sonic finished for his wife, “…we’ll have to let everyone on Mobius know, and be on a lookout for anymore trouble that’ll come at us.”

This response rubbed the young hedgehogs the wrong way, and it didn’t take long for the parents to notice.

“No, don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen to us!” Amy reassured to both Dash and May.

Sonic kneeled and hugged them. “Your mother’s right. As long as you two stick together, everything will work out.” He got up and glanced at Amy before walking to the hallway. Before going further, Sonic turned to his children and said, “I would rest up a bit if I were you guys. You deserve it.”

Once their parents left the living room, the siblings stood there in disbelief, May being the most concerned.

“I hope things turn up for Mobius again,” she said, “What if what happened with mom and dad happens to us?” She felt a comforting hand on her shoulder, and looked at Dash.

“It’ll be alright, sis,” he said, “You hear what dad said: things will play out as long as we’re ready. What could happen?”



Metal Sonic was still lying on the steel ground, shut down from exhaustion.

Two Mobian falcons – both in their teens – later arrived at the scene via individual motorbikes.

The male falcon had dark red feathers with silver trim and celadon boots; he had neon green eyes with black sclera and cybernetic arms with talons. The female one was electric blue with dim-gray trim with a tyrian purple outfit and eyeshadow; her eyes were steel pink and she had a cybernetic beak. All they share were their parted bangs and singular plumes.

Both of them got off their rides and caught sight of the trashed robot.

“Well, look how the mighty have fallen!” the male falcon berated loudly.

“A waste of life he turned out to be,” the female falcon spoke, deadpanned.

“Should I try my enhancements on him, sis?” The male stated as he readied his talons.

“No,” the female replied, “As unprepared as he is, Metal Sonic still proved himself to be an imposing weapon.” The falcon girl's eyelids lowered as she continued speaking, “Plus, he may contain scans of those hedgehogs – both of which may be beneficial to our master's plans.”

“Fine, fine!” The falcon guy grimaced as he grabbed Metal Sonic and threw him over the rear of his bike. “But don't think I'll hold back once we return to base!”

“Do you ever?”

Both falcons got on their motorbikes and headed from Gimmick Mountain Zone to wherever said base is set.
Sonic X-Generation, Ch. 5
Here's the fifth chapter of Sonic X-Generation. This is where siblings Dash and May prepare to face a longtime foe of their parents.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, and Metal Sonic (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
Dash and May Rose the Hedgehog (c) Me

Chapter 6: Coming soon...
SXG - Perry by ViperNicole92
SXG - Perry
AGE: 13
HEIGHT: 71 cm. (2’4”)
WEIGHT: 28 kg. (61 lb.)
BODY COLOR: Light green
EYE COLOR: Medium blue
FAMILY: Lord Glacier the Arctic Wolf (grandfather/deceased); Bean the Dynamite (father); Sapphire the Arctic Wolf (mother); Bark the Polar Bear (“uncle”); Jolly the Arctic Wolf (twin sister); Bubble the Chao (pet chao)
SKILL(S): Basic/armed combat; cold resistance; cryokinesis; piano playing
ATTACKS/MOVES: Cold Rush; Freezing Uppercut; Air-to-Air Bombs; Freezing Winds; Icicle Storm
QUOTE: “My way of facing problems is looking them straight and smile… buuut not to where you look scary-crazy.”  DESCRIPTION: Perry is the next bounty hunter, right next to his own father and “uncle” Bark. The only difference is he plans to use his future career only for the greater good; much compared to the latter two in the past. Like his sister, Perry is quite as energetic – except he has his own measure of wisdom (it’s mixed with his dad’s goofiness). Other than that, he is also as adventurous as his mother when it comes to learning things that are absolutely new to him. As a result, he will always be aware in any situation, as opposed to Jolly. While becoming part of any type of battle, Perry wouldn’t hesitate to give all he’s got; and once someone close to him gets injured in any way, he will step up from the corner and use his ice powers and upbeat temperament to seize his opponents before going even further.

·       Perry has a healthy father-son relationship with Bean. The only difference from everyone else is how much excitement they put into their activities. He also bonds well with his mother Sapphire, enough to learn almost everything from her.
    ·       Like Jolly, Perry enjoys hanging around with their uncle Bark. While their conversations are usually one-sided on Perry’s side (much like Jolly), they would frequently communicate through sign language.
    ·       Perry has always been with his twin sister Jolly since birth. People would always see them as being so much alike (despite being in different species), but the twins’ varied levels of crazy may surprise them.
    ·       Even though he knows little else about him, Perry still sees Dash as one of his good friends.
    ·       Sky is also a good friend of Perry. They became so after Perry gave the little foxit advise on self-esteem – this was after dealing with a certain swallow.
    ·       Dusk is like a brother to Perry. When they were little, the hawkupine would protect him from bullies and pull several pranks with him.
    ·       Star has been a close friend of Perry’s since the same time he met Dusk. He has a crush on the hawkupine girl, which he hides so discreetly.
    ·       Gust is Perry’s first and only rival. The duck has so much fun messing with the swallow after the latter’s attempt to attack his dignity.
    ·       Despite being in a ten-year gap, Lance is still considered one of Perry’s best friends. Like Jolly, he can get very persistent on making the lion relax for even a minute.
    ·       Reelika is another longtime friend of Perry. Unlike Lance, the duck finds the lioness easier to converse with – which, to him, is such a relief.

Peridot "Perry" the Duck and Sapphire the Arctic Wolf (c) Me
Bean the Dynamite (c) SEGA and Archie Sonic Comics

Previous name/appearance:…
Sonic X-Generation
Revived Chaos Saga

Chapter 4: Evil’s Resurface, Part 1


Never thought I’d come back here again! Dash thought to himself gladly.

Dash ran from his home in Green Hill Zone all the way to the more tropical region known as Seaside Hill; the place was similar to the teenager’s home in terms of the palm trees and checkered hills, except this place is also filled with grassy cliff sides and beaches. The clear blue ocean and the winds blowing through the palm trees were enough to bring the navy blue hedgehog to a calm state. At that moment, he was in pure bliss.

He was not by himself, however.

Hiding behind one of the cliff sides was the same figure from Green Hill Zone. Apparently, it followed him all the way to their current location for a purpose.

The strange figure slowly hovered its way out into the open, yet kept a good distance behind Dash. It started scanning the oblivious hedgehog through its red eyes for a moment.

Seconds passed, and the figure suddenly launched itself towards Dash, its entire body curled into a ball.

At that point, Dash heard a screeching sound coming towards him. He turned around and finally noticed his attacker aiming to strike him, and immediately reacted by repelling the enemy with a Homing Attack.

The figure deflected back from the attack and landed on open land, revealing itself to be none other than Metal Sonic. He appeared as he was twenty-five years ago: same blue and silver coat, same red glare, everything looked untouched. It was as if he was never demolished in the first place.

Dash glanced at the robotic hedgehog in both confusion and offense. “Who are you?” he began to ask, “What do you want from me, and why do you look like my dad??”

Metal Sonic scanned the navy blue hedgehog once more. “I am Metal Sonic, flawless weapon of past creator Doctor Eggman,” he finally answered, “and I am here to finish what was started.”

‘Metal Sonic??’” Dash pondered for a moment. “I’ve heard of you – you’re the robot who my dad and his friends faced years ago!” he said.

“The same one,” Metal Sonic replied. “And to answer your last question: I was invented in the image of Sonic as a means to surpass him, to destroy him. I wasn’t able to accomplish that, however, as my creator and I have been obliterated by the flames of the Death Egg – my former home.”

Dash was getting into the defensive at that moment. “If that was true, then how are you standing here right now?”

The circular depression on Metal Sonic’s chest began to radiate. “That information is classified,” he said before firing a laser at Dash.

The hedgehog dodged the laser and readied another Homing Attack. He was suddenly hindered by Metal Sonic’s generated force field known as “Black Shield.” Before Dash could react, the robot jetted to him at high speed and delivered a punch to the abdomen. He then gave him a high sweep kick while on mid-air, hard enough to send the hedgehog flying to one of the cliff sides. Metal Sonic hovered to the damage he created and gazed over Dash, who was struggling to free himself from the debris.

“You need all the training you can get,” he said, “Too bad you won’t get it once I’m finished with your father!”

Dash wasn’t able to respond, as he was still trying to break free from the crushing weight.

“Do yourself a favor and lie there,” Metal Sonic uttered coldly before flying back to Green Hill Zone.

No! He’s going after dad! Dash thought in desperation, I have to… get out of here!



While certain events were happening in Seaside Hill, Sonic was chatting with Tails via webcam.

“I’m telling you Tails, the kid is catching up to me every time!” Sonic said proudly, “He’s becoming as much of a fighter as I was.”

Tails laughed, “I can tell.”

“I’m guessing you have been spending time with Sky and Cocoa as well?” Sonic asked.

Just a few hours ago, yeah,” Tails replied, “Along with teaching Sky the advanced practices on prepping a plane engine. I swear our children are growing up to be just like us.” At this point, Tails was becoming nostalgic. “Twenty-five years ago…” He murmured.

Sonic looked down from the screen, a genuine smile on his face. “Yeah, I also can’t believe it…” he said before he woke from his reminiscing. “U-uh, anyways, w-what were we taking about?”


During the fathers’ conversation, Amy and May were outside playing. This was short-lived as Amy caught a glimpse of something from a distance. It appeared to be flying towards them.

“Mom?” May asked in concern.

Upon taking a better look at the object of interest, Amy’s face contorted from dread and realization. “May, go get your dad,” she directed worriedly.

Before she could ask why, May already ran into the house. “Dad, mom needs you!” May called out to Sonic.

This brought curiosity from Sonic, judging by the look on his daughter’s face.

“I’ll be back, Tails,” Sonic said before closing the webcam. He stepped out of the house, May behind him, and noticed Amy standing defensively. Before he could say anything, he also noticed a sight he never thought to meet again: Metal Sonic hovered in front of the family, focused only on Sonic.

“Sonic the Hedgehog,” the robot said, “We meet again…”

“Metal Sonic?!” Sonic exclaimed, clear shocked by his copy’s return. “How are you alive?? I thought I finished you off years ago!”

Shoving the question aside, Metal Sonic subtly stated, “All that is to be known is that I am recovered to destroy you!”

Sonic shook off his shock and tried to maintain as much as he could. “Surprises aside, what makes you think you’ll be able to catch up to me this time?”

“From what I have heard from someone, time decreases the lifecycle of any living being – including their skills and energy,” The robot spoke as his flexed his claws. “If I may add, your son was quite the challenge,” he included into the conversation, “Too bad he could not best me.”

Sonic’s brows furrowed from this statement. “What did you… what did you do to Dash??” He asked while his fists began to shake.

Metal Sonic’s circuits beeped as he coldly replied, “Just consider him the first of my body count…”

This quickly brought Sonic into a rage. He jolted toward Metal Sonic, ready to give a sweep kick. As soon as he did his move, however, the robot flew up to the sky.

“You have grown predictable,” he stated.

Metal Sonic dove from the air and punched Sonic straight in the face. While Sonic was disoriented enough, the robot grabbed both of his arms and flew up to the sky at full speed. A few moments passed and Metal Sonic finally reached the surface of the earth by smashing the blue hedgehog against it. The robot observed the weakened, and unconscious hedgehog proudly.

“At last, I have surpassed you,” Metal Sonic said. Ignoring the devastated Amy and May, the robot walked to Sonic. He then picked him up and threw his body over his shoulder. When ready, Metal Sonic’s jet engine started and he was prepared to leave with Sonic. Amy immediately took notice of this.

Let go of my husband, you creep!!” she shouted. Before she could get any closer, Metal Sonic shot a laser at her.

“Mom!” May yelled. She was able to move her mother out of harm’s way… but not far enough, for the laser hit the ground hard enough to tremor them back. When they finally regained their composure, it was too late.

“Daddy!!” May shouted. She was going to chase after him, but was stopped by her mother. From there, Metal Sonic disappeared from their sights.

“Sonic…” Amy whispered, tears began to form in her eyes.

“Mom, May!” The voice of a certain navy hedgehog called out in worry. Dash, all bruised up, reached his home and observed his surroundings: the ground was gravely damaged and parts of the grass were burned.

“Dash, it was horrible!” Amy cried out, “Your father… he was…” More tears started to fall.

“I know,” Dash replied, a rarely solemn look on his face. “And I’m going after him.”

This caused Amy and May to turn to him in disbelief.

Sonic X-Generation, Ch. 4
Here is the fourth chapter of Sonic X-Generation. In this chapter is the return of one of the Sonic Team's past enemies.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Metal Sonic (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
Dash and May Rose the Hedgehog (c) Me

Chapter 5: Coming soon...
Sonic X-Generation
Revived Chaos Saga

Chapter 3: A New Beginning


Since the birth of Dash, Sonic and Amy could not be any happier. Every minute spent with their son was filled with fun and excitement, more than even Sonic thought.

A few more offspring were brought into the world as well. Tails and Cream got married and gave birth to a female fox-rabbit named Cocoa; Knuckles and Rouge brought in another daughter, a bat-eared echidna named Ruby; Shadow met a female hedgehog from Spagonia named Aria and they had a son months after Dash; the Babylon Rogues also had kids of their own, along with Team Force and former mercenaries Bean and Bark.

There was no doubt that it was a joyful time for almost everyone on Mobius…



Dash Rose the Hedgehog, get back here right now!!

The voice of a very impatient Amy pierced through the hedgehogs’ house.

Dash – six years old – had been quite a handful as he grew, so much that he alone can bring chaos to his home. It was past his bedtime, and he was running around at supersonic speed, something he inherited from his father. During this, he was knocking over a bunch of household items and furniture. The excessive noise was loud enough to wake who was actually his little sister.

Two years ago, Sonic and Amy brought in a second child: a daughter named May. She was a red-violet hedgehog with her mother’s quill style and her father’s yellow-green eyes.

“I’m Sonic the Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive!” Dash yelled excitedly, pretending to be his dad in his younger years. As he was still running around, Amy tried her best to catch him only to fail every attempt. She then noticed May crying from the disturbance and held her for comfort. The moment she was about to yell some more, Sonic entered through the front door as a sign of an answered prayer.

“I’m back from the lab, Ames,” Sonic called to his wife, “How’re the kids?”

“What do you think??” Amy responded crankily as she pointed at Dash, who was still running a full speed.

“I got this!” Sonic immediately ran to the living room. He thought of a way to get Dash’s attention, and raced towards him. “You’re no match for me, ‘Sonic!’” he joked as he successfully grabbed his son.

“Nooo, you got me!” Dash yelled in defeat, though playfully.

Sonic landed on the floor, his son in his grasp, and was soon approached by Amy.

“My hero~!” she said as she planted a kiss on Sonic’s cheek. “Now, do me a favor and get him to bed, please? I need to put May to bed.”

“Can do, m’lady!” Sonic replied amorously as he walked to the hall that lead to Dash’s bedroom. As he placed the boy onto his bed, “You’ve put quite a show there, huh, son?” he asked, trying to hold back his giggles.

“Yeah!” Dash said immediately, “But I can’t wait for that to really happen, ‘cause I wanna’ be as awesome as you are!”

This touched Sonic deeply. “Believe me, Dash, you’ll be a heck of a fighter and a hero in the future.”

“You think so, dad?” Dash asked in awe.

“Son, I know so!” Sonic replied, “And everyone will stand by you: your friends, your sister, even your mom and I.”

Sonic then checked the clock only to see it was getting late. “Wow, look at the time!” he exclaimed, “We better get you to sleep before your mom notices we’ve been stalling.”

He got up and placed a blanket over Dash. He then messed with the kid hedgehog’s bangs for a few seconds.

“Good night, son,” he whispered as he turned off the lamp and walked to the door.

“Good night, dad…” Dash yawned as the door was closing.



Time had passed, and with that came changes. For one, two more members of the Prower family were added: one middle fox-rabbit named Sky and the youngest one Miles Jr. Another is the fact that the children of Mobius’s past heroes grew to become true fighters – and it was all thanks to the training given to them. The same can be said for a certain navy blue hedgehog.


Rough winds passed through the many palm trees of Green Hill Zone. Of course, those “winds” turned out to be two speedy hedgehogs.

Running on the hills was Sonic, forty years old. His appearance hasn't changed a bit; he wore the same white gloves and red-and-white shoes with gold buckles, except he's taller and his quills are now in a longer length.

Alongside him is none other than Dash, now fifteen years old. He wore an attire of white gloves and orange shoes with black-and-white streaks.

They've been running around their home throughout their usual training. Dash has gotten more cockier in every minute, and isn't ready to rest just yet. And neither does his father.

Sonic called out to Dash, “Nice! You're getting there, son!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Dash said eagerly. “Check this out!”

Dash soon jumped into midair and aimed a Homing Attack. Sonic noticed this and gave an Axe Kick. However, Sonic dodged it on time and developed a Spin Dash. Dash returned the same action and both ended up bumping off each other's attacks. Both have landed on the grass simultaneously, and just as Sonic was about to call a break, his son darted to him and attempted to give him a quick punch to the abdomen, but Sonic blocked the attack with both hands and blasted him close to a nearby palm tree. Just after that, they finally stopped.

“That… was… tight!” Dash shouted excitedly, despite being tired. “Don't you think so, dad?”

Sonic walked to Dash. “Heh, you said it, son. Although, you still need to work more on your moves along with your patience.”

“Work more?? Why, I'm still the greatest there is!” Dash bragged. “And who are you to tell me about ‘patience?’”

“You make a good point,” Sonic chuckled.

The hedgehog’s banter came to a pause when they heard a feminine voice calling out to them: “Now, tell me. How long are you two going to keep this up?”

The voice came from none other than Amy Rose, thirty-seven years old. Her look has changed as time passed: her short quills were long and flowing. She no longer had her trademark headband, but wore a bright red A-Line dress, gloves with gold ring bracelets, and a new pair of red high heel pumps.

As Amy walked out of the family home, she came up to her husband, whom then wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

“You should've seen what was going on, Amy.” Sonic said, “Our son is really showing himself to be a real fighter.”

Amy giggled, “So I've heard.”

Dash replied proudly, “That's what I'm here for, mom. Don't know about May, though…” He raised his voice to the point of yelling, “…since she's always holding that frilly hammer of hers!

A high-pitched voice suddenly shouted, “I heard that!”

Dash's sister May – eleven years – stepped out of the house and up to her older brother with an upset look on her face. She wore a purple bandanna on her head, a purple shirt with a pink heart symbol, a ruby-red-and-white skirt, gloves with ruby red ring bracelets, and purple/ruby red boots with white streaks.

“Excuse me, big brother, but I happen to be a better fighter than you will ever be, so you might as well watch it!” May shouted while poking at Dash’s abdomen.

“Don't be rude, sweetie. You know he's just playing with you.” Amy said before glowering at Dash. “Right, son??

Dash winced in response. “Fine…” He then apologized reluctantly, “‘Sorry’, sis.”

Sonic laughed, amused by his children fighting. He soon stopped as he noticed May was out for something else. “Anyways, what are you doing out, May?” he asked.

“Uncle Tails told me to come get you,” May answered, “He’s on the webcam right now.”

“I’m gonna’ go for a run, dad!” Dash called out before running off.

“Alright, son,” Sonic replied, “Be back soon!”

Unbeknownst to the family, a floating figure was watching them from a distance, an eerie red glow coming from its eyes.
Sonic X-Generation, Ch. 3
Third chapter, done already? :phew: Anyways, in this chapter, we see a hint of Dash's childhood along with his relation with his dad.

Also, remember when I said that there be something going on in the next chapter? You may notice a hint of that in the end.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
Dash and May Rose the Hedgehog (c) Me

Chapter 4: Coming soon...
Sonic X-Generation
Revived Chaos Saga

Chapter 2: Birth of a Hero

Time has passed since Doctor Eggman’s ultimate defeat and Sonic’s last stand as a hero. Throughout his time of peace, the Blue Blur had enough time to venture around Mobius and relaxed with his friends and allies. He was also able to understand the benefits of easing off throughout this period at the same time.

At the same time, though, a temporary void filled him as he reminisced his life of endless journey. While he would miss the action and adventures in the past, Sonic also knew it was for the best: his nemesis is gone for good, and the whole planet can finally live on as it did before the dark ages.

As long as it stays that way, there should be nothing for the Hero of Mobius to worry about…



During these past few years, everyone settled down and had families of their own while some new bonds developed.

For one, Tails and Cream have gotten into a steady relationship. However, this was only achieved after a lot of encouragement from their friends in both sides.

Meanwhile, Knuckles and Rouge ended their rivalry and later got married. At this time, they already had two kids – both of them hybrids: the first was a female bat named Amethyst, with pink fur and her father’s purple eyes. The second was a male winged echidna named Claws, with orange-red/white fur and his mother’s aqua eyes.

Even certain rivals and former enemies managed to find second chances in life – and romance. Most of them were able to flourish with little to no intrusions.

While that was happening, Sonic and Amy became a couple after finally having a chance to catch up. They got married about a year ago and were just expecting their first child.

Sonic was sitting in the waiting room of a hospital in Mobotropolis. In there with him were two of his best friends: Miles “Tails” Prower and Knuckles the Echidna. The blue hedgehog was a nervous wreck, more than he ever was before. His friends tried their best to calm him down, but every attempt was made in vain.

“Everything’s going to be okay, Sonic. Amy will made it out of this,” Tails said reassuringly.

“What if she doesn’t? What will happen then??” Sonic asked as he was pacing the floor.

Knuckles, on the other hand, was starting to lose his own patience. “Will you give it a rest already?! It’s not even close to an hour, and you’re getting all worked up over nothing!” he yelled to the hedgehog.

“But what if something happens to her?” Sonic replied in a panic, “How would I know if she gets worse and I’m not able to get to her on time?!”

Tails stepped up to face Sonic before anything could go further.

“Listen to me, Sonic,” he began to speak, both hands held up, “You’re concerned about the current situation, I understand that. But panicking over it isn’t going to make anything better for you and Amy or your child. So all we can do now is trying to remain calm and wait for the doctor to give us the news, alright?”

“You’re right, Tails…” Sonic sighed, “I just have to keep my cool not just for myself, but for my future family as well.”

After what felt like an eternity, one of the doctors came into the room turned to Sonic.

“Sonic the Hedgehog?” he called out.

Sonic quickly stood up from his seat and responded, “That’s me!” He ran to the doctor and asked anxiously, “How is she, doc? Is she okay?!

“Don’t worry, Mr. Sonic,” the doctor smiled proudly as he answered, “They’re doing just fine.”

It didn’t take for Sonic and the others to take note of what the doctor just said. At that moment, relief began to overwhelm the hedgehog.

“Right this way, gentlemen.” The doctor said.

The three soon followed the doctor to the room where Amy was being taken care of. As they reached the door, they could hear soft crying behind it. The doctor opened it and allowed the group to walk in. Inside, they see a fatigued yet smiling Amy lying on the bed, holding a newborn hedgehog in her arms.

The baby had navy blue fur with a bit of purple on the tips of his spines, along with purple bangs. He also had his mother’s jade green eyes, though a bit squinted.

As she was rocking the baby, Sonic immediately rushed to his wife’s side and nuzzled up to her. “I’m so glad you’re, Amy,” he said.

“Sonic, you’re here,” Amy greeted her husband. She showed him their first child, holding him up with as much strength she could gather. “Look at him. Isn’t he precious?” she said happily.

Tears of joy began to form in Sonic’s eyes as he gazed upon his son. He held his arms out to carry the baby.

“He sure is, Ames.” His smile grew broader as he held the newborn in his arms. The baby reached his tiny hand to grab his dad's nose. “Heh, you got a strong grip, sport,” Sonic chuckled.

While this was happening, Tails and Knuckles looked upon the scene in contentment.

Moments later, Tails asked the new parents, “So, have you found a name for the little guy?”

“Oh!” Amy uttered in surprise. “I didn’t have that in mind after what I went through today…”

“I have one,” Sonic suddenly answered for her. “How about… Dash?”

“Dash, huh?” Tails replied, “That sounds pretty cool.”

“Fitting, to say the least,” Knuckles said half-jokingly.

“I love it,” Amy said while gazing at her newborn son lovingly, “Dash Rose the Hedgehog.”

And so, from this very day, the future hero of Mobius and leader of the next generation of heroes was born.
Sonic X-Generation, Ch. 2
Here is the second chapter of 'Sonic X-Generation.' In here, we read about the birth of the leading member of the main heroes in the whole fanfic series.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Amy Rose (c) SEGA and Sonic Team
Dash Rose the Hedgehog (c) Me

Chapter 3: Coming soon...


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, I'm ViperNicole92, also known as my real name Nicole. Let me tell you guys about myself.

First off, I am known to be a quiet girl back at high school, and I may be shy most of the time. However, I tend to open up to people who appear to tolerate me for the person I am, and I can be a little bit more social than in my old days. I've had a passion for drawing and painting since I was young, and I would like to become an artist after graduating from college. :)

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative Rock, and Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Acrylic, watercolor, and digital
MP3 player of choice: IPhone 5
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Peter Griffin
The title pretty much says it all. Shrug

Throughout these past few months, I have been giving some thought into my one of my fan fictions titled Sonic X-Generation and what I could do to improve it. I'm saying this because as I read through the first eight chapter of the story, I realized something: the formula of the whole story is like that of the current games: gimmicky and unoriginal, if not repetitive. Because of this, I felt like Sonic X-Generation is stuck with the same cycle as the games - "Eggman shows up, heroes fight and win, Emerald earned, rinse and repeat. And for that, to be honest, it gets pretty boring. Sweating a little...

So after months of planning, I have made a life-changing decision: give Sonic X-Generation a complete overhaul (again, the title says it all). I've made a list of changes that will take part in the fanfic as a whole:
  • The entire fan-fiction series will take place in the Archie Sonic Comic (Post-SGW) universe, though there will be some game-based elements added.
  • The fan-fic will also be changed to where it is no longer gimmicky or formulaic, much like my previous take.
  • Instead of just episodes, the fan-fic will be run through sagas. Each of them will have a total of 21 23 chapters (with some breaking into parts when necessary).
  • Also, the fan-fic will be written with a mix of slice-of-life and action per chapter, compared to the previous attempt.
  • After his ultimate defeat by the Sonic Team, Dr. Eggman is permanently taken out instead of suddenly reappearing. This is done to put focus onto other villains (original and SEGA/Archie-based), including a mysterious one.
  • While most of the characters’ backstories/origins will remain the same as before, some of others will be changed in order to fit in with the current universe.
    • This will also affect my very first OCs – Viperine, Sapphire, Aurelia, and Typhoon – in their present time.
  • Some characters will have their names changed (e.g., “Kiutsu” to “Haze,” “Unabara” to “Anahera,” etc.).
  • Only a few characters will be scrapped from the series: Sango the Koi, Phin the Dolphin, Kai the Orca, Vera the Tiger, and members of Team Nega Force.
  • Some characters will also be redesigned from their initial appearance, as seen in my latest character profiles.

So what do you guys think? Should I go with the reboot, or stick with the same formula as before? Let me know what you think. :) (Smile)

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