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Chapter 1

Every region on the planet Mobius has their own sense of individuality, whether they revolve around rural and tropical locations, or modern to futuristic urban areas. While these regions, they have one thing in common: the Sun. But one continent remains the exclusion of daylight. This area, in particular, is a distant town of Twiligo.

Through its sudden formation, this town has stood out for its unnatural trait – in nightfall, civilians receive a massive moon on a star-filled sky. Daytime, however, is never so ordinary. The morning sky is in a bright lavender hue instead of a typical cyan – no sign of sunlight anywhere. And for that, the town of Twiligo has carried the reputation as the town “where the sun’s light is a rare sight.” Another important factor of this town is its fighting technique – the Shadow Dust Arts. Only the people of Twiligo can be able to use this technique; with this unique ability came unusual flight, and manipulation of the shadows and dark energy – but at a great cost.

Despite these qualities, Twiligo has always been home to those who were born under the town’s nocturnal heavens… all of them except for a certain young thief. The shadowed alleys of Twiligo is where her story began…


It was a quiet night around the streets of Twiligo. The large moon hangs over the town while giving its light, in placement of light poles. The many stars that surround the moon further supported this. To many, it was a peaceful night… if not for the events that take place in these same streets.

An adult male porcupine slowly snuck out from between two random buildings. He had fandango fur with messy quills, and lavender eyes that match Twiligo’s morning sky. He wore a dark green vest, white gloves with black spiked bracelets, and a pair of black and medium blue boots. He is holding what seemed to be some kind of bag under his right arm.

As he stepped under the moonlight, a sudden cry has erupted from not too far. He wasted no time - he grew what appeared to be a pair of indigo wings and flew off at great speed. The porcupine suddenly began to feel exhausted along the way, possibly due to the increasing speed in flight. But he couldn’t give in, not when he is being chased by whatever is behind him. Soon after, he managed to make it to his destination – a dark alley that has enough room for two. As he put the bag down, the shadows began to form to the center of the wall in front of him. However, what came out of the shadows is no enemy. Facing him is an adult female porcupine – she had rose quartz fur with elegantly curved quills and a fluffy tuft of hair, and a pair of pure celeste eyes. She wore a flowing white dress and matching slip-on shoes. She was holding something in her arms, but it was wrapped in a violet blanket with some kind of label on its right side.

“Damien…” the female called the male by his name, catching him in a warm embrace, “I was afraid you weren’t going to make it…”

The male porcupine, known as “Damien,” embraced who was actually his wife before loosening his grip. “Sorry for scarin’ ya, Selena. I bumped into some punks along the way…” he spoke casually yet with affection. He looked down at what was making cooing sounds in the violet blanket. “And how’s the squirt doin’?” he asked playfully. In the blanket was actually a baby porcupine girl – a bundle of plum fur with her mother’s tuft of fur and her father’s lavender eyes.

“She’s doing fine, although a bit worried for her father,” Selena replied while looking down at their daughter lovingly.

Damien embraced his wife once more, with a free hand caressing her cheek. “Hey, as long as we keep close, nothin’ should happen to us…” he whispered. Such words had been spoken too soon…

A figure came from nowhere, dagger at hand. Without warning, he charged at the family while letting out a yell. Damien noticed this, and fought back while protecting his wife and child: he used some dark energy to strike the knife out of the attacker’s grip. He’s not done, however.

“What the hell are you doin’ here, Blade?! Why did you follow me here?!” Damien demanded. He appeared to know this individual: he is an ash gray falcon with light red eyes, wearing nothing but a black belt with a sheath. Behind this raven are a dark green iguana and a blue-gray walrus.

“You of all Mobians should know exactly why! You are a traitor to the Shadow Raiders, and you will die for our humiliation!” Blade shouted venomously.

Damien still stood his ground. “Think all ya want, Blade! I won’t let any of ya Raiders get to my family!” he replied firmly. Dark energy began to form around his fists. He immediately charged at the raven, and brought an uppercut to the face. The porcupine aimed for another, only to be knocked back by the walrus – thus leaving Selena and the baby exposed. This gave Blade the chance to take advantage of the situation. He brought out another dagger out of thin air and prepared to cut them both… but as soon as he lowered the blade, Damien got in the way.

“DAMIEN!!” Selena shrieked, devastated by what just happened in front of her. She got down on her knees and held her dying husband in her arms, tears welling up.

“S-Selena…” Damien spoke faintly, blood gushing out of his mouth; “R-Run… save our… daughter… s-save yourself…” he let out his last breath before going limp.

“I will. I love you…” Selena held her past spouse once more before doing as she was told. She grew a pair of magenta wings and flew away, the baby in her arms. The Shadow Raiders soon gave chase.

Selena flew past several buildings at maximum speed, all while teleporting constantly. While that helped her get a safe distance from the thugs, her energy swiftly began to deteriorate. It didn’t help the fact that her crying baby is giving her current status away. That changed, however, as she looked back to see the Shadow Raiders closing in on her. Despite realizing her decreasing energy, Selena decided to teleport one more time. She reappeared in the empty streets of west Twiligo. She looked at every corner of the city to find no one was around, and ran to the nearest alley with nothing but a small, brown box. Before putting her in said box, she looked at her baby fixedly. She knew what she must do. The baby porcupine cooed at her mother, smiling and moving her little arms; this made Selena tear up. She didn’t want to let her baby go, but she couldn’t let the Shadow Raiders get to her. Selena looked at her daughter for the last time.

“Your father and I love you so much… May you have a bright future, my dear baby…” she spoke through sobs. She kissed her baby on the forehead and slowly placed her inside the box, soothing her to sleep. As she walked further from the alley, she found herself face-to-face with two henchmen that were after her; both of them grabbed one arm each. She tried to break free, but to no avail. Shock turned to anger as she found herself facing the falcon responsible for her husband’s death. He walked to her and forcibly lifts her face to his level.

“Where. Is. The child??” Blade demanded. Selena broke free from his grasp and glared at him.

“Don’t even bother, Blade. I put my daughter someplace where you goons will never find her!” she spat proudly. Blade gritted his teeth in rage as a response.

“I will make you regret doing that!” he yelled. The falcon brought out another weapon out of thin air: a machete. Blade’s henchmen watched in excitement as their leader aimed his weapon on Selena’s chest area, a sick grin across his beak.

“Do your worst…” the porcupine said passively, closing her celeste eyes.

Blade only responded in sadistic glee as he raised the machete.

Dawn was arriving and the streets in West Twiligo were still empty, though not for long. Out in the streets were a couple of male children: one is a dark red wolf with pale aqua eyes, and the other a black-and-saffron hornet with orchid eyes. They were both between the ages of ten through twelve. They were simply walking and chatting while carrying some goods, when they heard a faint cry coming from a nearby alley.

“What is that??” the wolf asked worriedly.

“It’s something crying, whaddya’ think?” the hornet responded.

They both walked closer to the alley and found nothing but a small, brown box in the center. That was when they heard crying coming from the box. They stepped closer to it and opened the lids. What they saw made them drop their goods: a baby porcupine girl wrapped in a violet blanket, wailing from hunger. The boys immediately grabbed the baby out of the box and flew out of the alley. Eventually, they reached an underground path at the very end of west Twiligo. They entered and ran until they got to a wooden door that leads to their secret base.

“Shriek! We found something!” the hornet called out to someone, the baby in the wolf’s arms.

A black bat with beige eyes came from aside the base. He was around the age of twelve. “What is it that’s so important you two have to wake me up at this time??” he asked in impatience.

The wolf nervously came up to his leader and held out the baby, whose sobs were starting to lower. “We found this baby in the alley not far from here.”

Shriek grabbed the infant and observed it. She looked weak, eyes reddened from constant crying. She looked up at the bat with curiosity, with a small trail of tears on her cheeks. He spoke solemnly, “I did not expect you to bring something other than food or cash. But…” he continued, “…We can’t put this little tyke back there like this.”

“Sooo… what are you saying?” the wolf asked, completely oblivious. He received a smack to the back of the head from the hornet.

“I’m saying, we’ll keep this kid as our own. Let’s just hope she’s worth it later on…” Shriek responded, irritation dropping from his voice. He looked down at the porcupine girl, who was pulling at his nose. Shriek started becoming more annoyed by the second, but shook it off. “Cerin,” he called the wolf, “See if we have any milk left.” The wolf quickly did as he was commanded.

“If we’re gonna’ keep her here, can we at least name her?” the hornet asked his leader, using his antennae to play with the infant porcupine.

“No need for that, Sabre…” Shriek responded, confusing the hornet, “…because her name’s labeled on her blanket.” He turned the baby in a counterclockwise rotation to show the label on the blanket – it was the baby’s actual name in bold, black text:

Team Force - Origins: Viperine (Chapter 1)
After what felt like a year, here's the first chapter of another fanfic series of mine: "Team Force - Origins". However, this one will be one of the three (possibly four) divisions of this fanfic series; the other two being focused solely on Sapphire and Aurelia.

P.S. I know I've posted this earlier, but I've decided to change it up a bit so the whole story won't end up cluttered.

Depending on how much free time I have in the future, I'll try to come in as much as I can.
SXG - Amethyst by ViperNicole92
SXG - Amethyst

AGE: 18
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 110 cm. (3’8”)
WEIGHT: Secret
BODY COLOR: Pink/tan
FAMILY: Knuckles the Echidna (father); Rouge the Bat (mother); Claws the Echidna (younger brother); Ruby the Echidna (youngest sister)
SKILL(S): Flight; armed combat; treasure hunting; swimming; modeling
ATTACKS/MOVES: Spin Jump; Screw Kick; Drill Drive; Tornado Punch; Charm Wave
BIRTHPLACE: Angel Island
QUOTE: “I’ve been a spy for years, so I happen to have as much skill as mom.
DESCRIPTION: A spy-in-training for Guardian Unit of Nations (G.U.N) and expert treasure hunter, Amethyst is a worthy partner for anyone with help in need, including those in the future Sonic Team. Known for her sassy and flirtatious personality, she can manipulate any male opponent for her own advantage, with an exception of Gust with whom she shows great annoyance towards. She can be as spoiled as she is beautiful, but she also has a big heart and is able to stand up for her friends and family. Whenever she gets a break from G.U.N. and treasure hunting, she would continue her job in her current place of residence- Night Babylon- as a fashion model.

·    Amethyst loves her father greatly and enjoys spending time with him, despite having different interests. She also looks up to her mother, to the point where she succeeded in her path as a GUN spy-in-training.
   ·    Amethyst has a healthy sibling bond with Claws. She enjoys playfully teasing her “cute little bro” when given the chance.
   ·    Ruby is a stubborn one to bond with, due to certain differences. However, Amethyst still cares about her little sister.
   ·    May is one of Amethyst’s good friends. The bat would play dress-up with the hedgehog when available.
   ·    Like their parents in the past, Amethyst was best friends with Spear before the black hedgehog’s disappearance. She would even ask her mother for him as time goes on.
   ·    Gust was just another racer to Amethyst until she got to know him. After that, she holds contempt to the swallow due to his pretentious nature and bullying others including Sky.
   ·    Despite being in completely different worlds, Amethyst feels a special connection with Team Night member Ken. She would also get flustered from the vampire bat’s advances.

SXG - Ruby by ViperNicole92
SXG - Ruby

AGE: 14
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Echidna
HEIGHT: 103 cm. (3’4”)
WEIGHT: Secret
BODY COLOR: Ruby red
FAMILY: Knuckles the Echidna (father); Rouge the Bat (mother); Claws the Echidna (older brother); Amethyst the Bat (oldest sister)
SKILL(S): Basic Combat; gliding; swimming; treasure hunting
ATTACKS/MOVES: Spin Attack; Kick Attack; Spin Dash; Hammer Punch; Fire Dunk
BIRTHPLACE: Angel Island
QUOTE: “It’s not fair that dad chose you as guardian over me!
DESCRIPTION: Ruby is a treasure hunter and would-be Guardian of the Master Emerald. Ruby behaves like both her parents in many ways when it involves getting into clashes with someone who gets on her last nerve: a dual package of toughness and cheekiness. She is highly headstrong when it comes to taking orders from anyone above her, something she gets from her father. She may tend to get nervous when accompanied by her childhood soul mate, Dash. Like her older brother, she wants to do her part as guardian of the Master Emerald; however, there may even be times when envy gets the best of her, thus creating a severe sibling rivalry between them. Deep down, though, she can be respectful and supportive to him at the same time… even though she refuses to show it.

   ·    Ruby gets along with both her mother and father, as she’s learned as much from them as her siblings did.
   ·    Ruby is very jealous of Claws’ promotion as guardian of the Master Emerald, to the point where she will literally beat him to it. However, she still respects her older brother to an extent.
   ·    Amethyst is the center of envy and annoyance to Ruby, due to the batgirl having certain qualities. Regardless of their differences, Ruby still loves her sister.
   ·    Dash has been Ruby’s significant other since childhood, and she isn’t shy to admit it to anyone.
   ·    May is a good friend of Ruby’s. At times, they would spend time training each other’s fighting skills.
   ·    Even though she hardly communicates with him, Ruby still sees Sky as a close friend and will always back him up.
   ·    Cocoa is another good friend to Ruby, even though she at times can be faintly impatient with the rabbit.
   ·    Similar to May, Reelika is a worthy fighting partner for Ruby. Also, they have common interests, much like their brothers.

SXG - Claws by ViperNicole92
SXG - Claws

AGE: 16
SPECIES: Echidna
HEIGHT: 110 cm. (3’7”)
WEIGHT: 39 kg. (87 lb.)
BODY COLOR: Light red/white
EYE COLOR: Glaucous
FAMILY: Knuckles the Echidna (father); Rouge the Bat (mother); Ruby the Echidna (younger sister); Amethyst the Bat (older sister)
SKILL(S): Superhuman strength; gliding; basic combat; swimming; treasure hunting; advanced instincts
ATTACKS/MOVES: Spin Attack; Drill Claw; Spin Dash; Spiral Upper; Quake Punch
WEAPON(S): Shovel Claws
BIRTHPLACE: Angel Island
QUOTE: “As guardian of the Master Emerald, it is my duty to protect it from any intruder.
DESCRIPTION: Claws is a highly skilled treasure hunter and guardian of the Master Emerald. He is as much of a fierce fighter as his entire family; the main exception of this is his “advanced instincts”, which are put to use during fierce combat. Being determined and hot-tempered, he’ll tend to be blinded in fury and won’t stop until his opponents are beaten to shame, though he will maintain a calm presence most of the time. Throughout his childhood, he was given a pair of Shovel Claws from his own father and, as a result, follows his footsteps to become treasure hunter and guardian of the Master Emerald. He’s even as gullible and stubborn as him in every way; he’s also extremely timid around girls around his age, including a certain lioness. Currently, he is continuing his duties with his father to keep the Master Emerald as safe and secure as possible.

    ·    Claws has a strong bond with his father Knuckles. Like Dash, he trains with him except in martial arts. He also gets along with his mother Rouge and learns from her as well.
    ·    Claws and Ruby have an intense sibling rivalry, the latter being envious of the former’s promotion as M.E. Guardian. There are rare times, however, when they would actually connect.
    ·    Besides his rivalry with Ruby, Claws gets along well with his older sister Amethyst. He tends to be shy with her, though not at the same level as with other girls.
    ·    Dash and Claws are friendly rivals, much like their dads. The main difference is that they do more taunting than fist fighting.
    ·    Sky is another good friend of Claws’, as he would always support the young fox when needed.
    ·    Much like his father, Claws has a rivalry with Storm’s son Tempest. Basically, they will engage in competition of strength.
    ·    When not training with his father, Claws does so with Lance. They have a lot in common in terms of martial arts and are more open with each other.
    ·    Claws is attracted to Reelika since childhood, and becomes a flustered mess around her.

SXG - Shadow by ViperNicole92
SXG - Shadow
Here's the "Ultimate Lifeform" - Shadow the Hedgehog, as he appears in my fanfic series: Sonic X-Generation.
There's little change on him other than a couple additions:

-Longer spines
-Scars on right muzzle and left torso
-Hover shoes have slight design change

Shadow the Hedgehog belongs to (c)SEGA


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi, I'm ViperNicole92, also known as my real name Nicole. Let me tell you guys about myself.

First off, I am known to be a quiet girl back at high school, and I may be shy most of the time. However, I tend to open up to people who appear to tolerate me for the person I am, and I can be a little bit more social than in my old days. I've had a passion for drawing and painting since I was young, and I would like to become an artist after graduating from college. :)

Current Residence: USA
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Alternative Rock, and Heavy Metal
Favourite style of art: Acrylic, watercolor, and digital
MP3 player of choice: IPhone 5
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Peter Griffin

Some may have been wondering where I have been this whole time. Well, during that time I was working on college work (so much assignments to do, so little time...I think I've fainted.), and I was taking a week-long break from it. But now that I am finally free from all of that, I can finally get back to working and submitting my art. However, I have a few things to say regarding my fan fiction series, Sonic X-Generation.

First off, the series is still going; I'm just about 40% complete on episode 5 and I need to get fresh ideas before continuing with it. Secondly, I want to inform you that I am planning on creating re-designs for certain characters in the series. The reason for that was that I feel that some characters appear either bland/weird looking or look too similar to certain SEGA characters (e.g., Spear=Shadow). Along with that will be some changes on some characters' stories, just so said characters will make more sense than they do now. So because of that, I am currently making sketches on the final forms of those that need a change in appearance and life story. So word of advice: be on a lookout for the redesigns and story changes that I will make and which character will get it.

Also, one minor detail: this is my very first journal to make. So... yeah, that is all. Meow :3

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